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Evaluate your requirement

  • 更新済み: 2022/02/08
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Evaluate your requirement

You can integrate content extraction models from third party service providers into IQ Bot for extracting data from standard forms. However, we recommend that you review this topic to help you understand standard forms and also determine if the content extraction from standard forms suits your requirement.

What are standard forms?
Fixed format type or standard layout documents that have a defined template, with very little or no variation in the overall layout. Standard forms are also known as structured documents, and are typically official or legal forms. The following table illustrates some examples of standard forms:
Tax form Medical form Legal form
Sample tax form Sample medical form Legal form
Does the layout of your documents vary across vendor?
If yes, then content extraction using standard forms is not the best option.
What if document layout in my standard forms vary every year?
Although you can extract content using standard forms, you have to create various models for each year.
Are the positions of the various data elements (checkboxes, tables, and so on) fixed in your documents?
If no, then these are not standard forms and this type of content extraction is not suitable.
Is the document a dynamic form? For example, you have documents where the values depend on other data elements.
If yes, then such documents cannot be processed using standard forms content extraction.
What if my documents have recurring sections?
Content from such documents cannot be processed using standard forms content extraction.
What if there are tables in the document that span across pages without any table headers?
Content cannot be processed for such documents using standard forms.
Can I use IQ Bot for extracting data from standard forms?
Yes, IQ Bot supports data extraction from standard forms. By using a custom machine-learning model, you can use IQ Bot to create a learning instance that s specific for extracting data from standard forms.
Who builds these custom machine-learning models?
A Cognitive Services or Sales Engineering representative.
Who is the third-party service provider?
Currently, we use Microsoft Forms Recogniser.
Is the third-party integration automatically configured?
No, that dependency is added on using API calls.
How or where do I get started?
Ensure you have setup or have access to the following:
  • Azure Storage Container
    • Link to Storage Explorer
    • URL of the container
  • Azure Form Recogniser Service
    • Link to custom model training interface
    • URL for configuring the service
    • API key for the service configuration
  • Access to Control Room and the latest IQ Bot build.
Do I have to run the configuration API every time I build a new model?
No. You must run the configuration API if you want to link another instance of the third-party service. Any model that you build using the shared services included in the resources section will appear in the IQ Bot interface after it is trained.
What if the entire setup must be On-Premises?
In addition to the Control Room and IQ Bot On-Premises components, you must deploy a containerised version of the Microsoft Forms Recogniser service On-Premises, which further links to a local storage volume instead of the Azure Storage Container.