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Manage user credentials

  • 更新済み: 2020/09/18
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • マネージ
    • RPA Workspace

Manage user credentials

Bot Creators and Bot Runners rely on credentials to access necessary data relevant to the bot building process.


このタスクは、bots を構築およびデプロイするユーザーが実行します。このタスクを完了するために必要な権限と許可、およびライセンスユーザーとして Control Room にログインする権限が必要です。

Bot Creators often require access to protected data to automate a process. Each Bot Creator is given credentials governing the data they are permitted to access.
注: Administrators are required to have created the necessary roles and entitlements assigned to the user in order to update and use any granted permissions.


  1. Navigate to BOTS > Credentials > My Credentials.
    Select the credential to view and or manage.
  2. Click Edit.
    The configurable fields for the credential are displayed, based on the user granted permissions.
    For example, a bot is built that requires the authentication username and password to log in to a specific URL. The user will create a custom credential for this operation by amending the credential governed by the administrator, adding the additional security details. This way, the Bot Creator can authorize only that protected data deemed necessary for the automation.
  3. [変更を保存] をクリックします。