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Editing SQL user information

  • 更新済み: 2021/10/12
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • マネージ
    • RPA Workspace

Editing SQL user information

Edit MS-SQL configuration related settings, including username, password, database server name, database server IP and port numbers.


このタスクは Control Room 管理者が実行します。このタスクを完了するには、十分な権利と権限が必要です。

Download the latest Control Room utility and make certain this utility installed on every sever where Automation 360 is running.

Users are required to make changes to the running configuration via the command line interface.
注: Please stop all Automation 360 services on all nodes where a Control Room is installed before performing this task.


  1. Open the command line prompt and navigate to the Automation 360 application.
    For example, C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Automation360\jdk11\bin.
  2. Follow the prompts from the utility to select the SQL database and enter the required credentials.
    注: The password will not be displayed on the console
  3. Restart the Automation 360 services on the nodes.
    The SQL user information has been successfully updated.