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AARI Task Manager Validator for IQ Bot Extraction360 (プレビュー)

  • 更新済み: 2022/06/23
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

AARI Task Manager Validator for IQ Bot Extraction360 (プレビュー)

IQ Bot Extraction360 (プレビュー) uses Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface technology to manage the end-to-end document extraction process. Each incoming document creates a new request, which triggers the extraction process. If a document requires manual validation, AARI creates a validation task and assigns it to a validation team.

When you click the Validate documents link in the Learning instances page, the AARI Task Manager opens in a new tab, with the first failed document in queue.

注: An empty page with a notification message appears in the following scenarios:
  • If you are not assigned to any validation teams, and thus do not have access to learning instances.
  • If there are no files that require validation in the learning instances to which you have access.
  • If another user is working on the remaining file in the validation queue.

Validator user interface

1. You can toggle between the Table and Detail views
Detail view: We recommend that you perform validation tasks in the Detail view because this view shows all the documents in the validation queue side by side with the document that you are currently validating. Additionally, when you finish validating a document, the next document in the queue automatically opens.
注: You can search for specific documents (tasks) in Detail view only.
Table view: Use the Table view see learning instance history. When you open a document from this view, the history for the learning instance that is processing this document appears in a pane on the left. Click the empty text field, then select the blue-bounded box in the document that contains the data to extract. After you select a box, the data is highlighted in yellow and a green outline appears, which you can resize or reposition to include all the data that you want to extract.
2. Filter the documents in your queue
The Validator opens with certain filters enabled by default to show only the documents from a specific learning instance that need validation.
3. Your documents queue
The documents that match the parameters you specified in the filters pane appear here.
You can switch between documents in the queue without completing validation for the current document.
4. Customize your view
Use the icons in the taskbar to hide the blue-bounded system identified regions, stack the document pane above the fields pane, or change the zoom levels.
5. Toggle between the fields views
Use the drop-down list to select between Show all fields to see all the document fields or Show fields that need validation to only show the fields that need your manual validation.
6. Fields awaiting validation are outlined in red
In the example above, the table fields Item total and Quantity require manual entry.
7. Add or delete a row
To insert or delete a row, hover over the ellipses to show the icons for adding or deleting table rows.
8. Skip to next file
Skip a file without correcting the errors in the current document.
9. Reprocess
If the learning instance is edited while documents are awaiting validation, you must Reprocess the documents.
10. Mark document as invalid
Removes the document from the validation queue and saves a copy of the document to the Invalid folder. Click here to mark a document as invalid, then select from the following reasons:
  • Fields missing
  • Tables missing
  • Wrong values