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Zugreifen auf Automation 360

  • Aktualisiert: 2021/06/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • RPA Workspace

Zugreifen auf Automation 360

Any new customer who orders our products receive license confirmation from Automation Anywhere.

The designated person responsible for configuring licenses for their company receives two email confirmations.

The SSO email from sso@automationanywhere.com grants you access to set up a new password for your Automation Anywhere Single Sign-On (SSO) account. The Orders email from orders@automationanywhere.com grants you access to your license entitlement information.

Gehen Sie wie folgt vor:


  1. Open SSO email → access link.
  2. Enter and confirm new password.
  3. Access A-People Community.
  4. There are two options to access your license entitlements.
    A-People Navigate to LICENSES.
    Orders email Access link to redirect to license page.
    Anmerkung: Your license entitlement validation date is provided within the context of the Orders email and on the A-People License configuration page.
  5. You now have access to your license entitlements.

    On this page, you have access to more information of your order. The Product Versions shows your current license entitlement version, the License Entitlements shows the number of license entitlements in your order, and the Control Rooms shows the number of control rooms in your order, and allows to configure each licenses.

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