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Event triggers

  • Aktualisiert: 2022/09/02
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Verwalten
    • RPA Workspace

Event triggers

An event trigger is a predefined action that runs an associated bot. All the bots with event triggers are listed under the Event triggers tab.

Available role permissions for event triggers

A Control Room administrator must provide the required permissions to ensure the associated users can access event triggers. The following table lists the available permissions:

Permission Description
View event triggers Select this permission if the users can only view the event triggers but not run or delete them.
Manage event triggers

The Manage event triggers permission is available only if View event triggers is enabled. Select this permission if the users can:

  • Add an event trigger
    Note: Users associated with the Bot Creator license cannot add event triggers in the private workspace.
  • Run a bot with event trigger
  • Delete event trigger
  • Associate an event trigger with a Bot Runner (attended or unattended) user or a role that is associated with one or more Bot Runner (attended or unattended) users.

Supported actions

In Automation 360, click Manage > Event triggers to view the table that lists all the available bots with event triggers. The following actions are available for this table.

  • Enter a keyword from the BOT PATH in the Search field to find an event trigger.

    For example, if the bot path of an event trigger is Bots\file--created--event--Salesinfo, enter Sales in the Search field to find this event trigger.

  • Use the Run with event triggers option to add event triggers.

    Adding event triggers

  • User can also delete any associated (active or inactive) event triggers.
  • View the trigger status, bot path, user name, role, and modification details.
    Optional: On the specific device, to view trigger details:
    1. Open the Task Manager > Details tab.
    2. Right-click on the column in the list of app entries.
    3. Click Select columns.
    4. Click Command Line item to enable the column.
    Verify that the following Java processes are running to confirm that the triggers are active:
    • Bot agent or node manager
      Note: The name for this is java.exe
    • Trigger listener
      Note: The name for this is javaw.exe
    Optional: To confirm that java.exe or javaw.exe are associated with a node manager or trigger listener, respectively:
    1. Copy the details of this task

      Press CTRL+C after you clicked the task name.

    2. Paste the details to a notepad.
    3. Verify the jar files.
      Note: Node manager is node-manager.jar and the trigger listener is triggerlistener.jar

    Consider a scenario where triggers are associated with a Bot Runner user who logs off or signs out of a device. This Bot Runner user must log in to the Control Room on that device in order to activate the associated triggers.

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