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Prepare for Enterprise 11 to Automation 360 on Linux CentOS migration

  • Updated: 2021/08/13
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrate
    • RPA Workspace
    • Process flow

Prepare for Enterprise 11 to Automation 360 on Linux CentOS migration

Perform the tasks in this workflow to migrate from Enterprise 11 to Automation 360 On-Premises on Linux CentOS, including migrating your bots to Automation 360. If the Enterprise 11 bot is enabled for analytics, the associated Bot Insight data and business analytics dashboard are also migrated.

Recommendation: Create a new environment for migrating to Automation 360 to avoid any issues to your existing bots due to migration activities.


  1. We recommend that you create a backup of the Enterprise 11 database and restore it in the same or different SQL instance to avoid failure of any automation task that is using the Enterprise 11 database.
  2. If you are migrating from Version 11.3.5 or later versions, you must delete data from the ES_SETTINGS table from the Enterprise 11 Control Room database.
  3. Ensure that all the credential variables used in the Enterprise 11 bots are available in the Enterprise 11 Control Room.
  4. Copy and paste the Enterprise 11 Control Room repository:
    1. Use the sudo mkdir -p /opt/automationanywhere/enterprise/appdata/ command to create the required Automation 360 folders.
    2. Use the sudo chmod -R 775 /opt/automationanywhere command to provide the required permissions for the folders.
    3. Use the sudo mv command to copy the Enterprise 11 repository and paste it in the automationanywhere/enterprise/appdata/ location.
  5. Update the Control Room access URL and repository path by running the following SQL commands on the restored Enterprise 11 database:
    1. To update the access URL: update CONFIGURATION set value = '[Automation360 Control Room URL]' where category = 'CR_setup_general' and config_key = 'AccessUrl'
      Example query: update [Automation360-Database].[dbo].[CONFIGURATION] set value ='' where config_key='AcessUrl'
      Note: Do not include a slash ('/') at the end of the access URL that you provide in the above command.
    2. To update the repository path: update CONFIGURATION set value = /opt/automationanywhere/enterprise/appdata/Server Files where config_key = 'RepositoryPath'
  6. Install Automation 360 On-Premises:
    1. Ensure you meet the system requirements.
    2. Install Automation 360 On-Premises Control Room in custom mode to a staging environment.
      Installing Control Room on Linux
      Important: During the installation, configure the Automation 360 On-Premises Control Room to use the restored Enterprise 11 database.
  7. Optional: Migrate audit log data.

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