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Capture using specific technology

  • Updated: 2022/06/29
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • RPA Workspace

Capture using specific technology

In some applications, the Capture action might not work accurately if the technology for capturing is selected automatically. In such cases, based on the type of application that you want to automate, you can select a specific technology and use the Capture action to capture using that technology.

Using the Capture action

To select a specific technology, click the drop-down next to Capture object.

You can select a specific technology and automate the following applications:
  • Automate web applications that have nested iFrames with the same frame source or different frame sources.
  • Capture and automate objects on applications where automatic selection of technology might not capture accurately.
    Note: When you capture using a specific technology, the type and the number of object properties differ.
  • Automate all objects and controls on the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers for local setting pages.
    Note: This functionality is supported for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Technology types

You can capture objects with the following technologies:
  • Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA)
  • UI Automation
  • Microsoft (MS) COM UI Automation

Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA)

Microsoft Active Accessibility is a legacy accessibility technology that was introduced as a platform add-in for Windows 95. MSAA is designed to help Assistive Technology (AT) products interact with standard and custom user interface elements of an application and also to access, identify, and manipulate an application's UI elements. MSAA is based on the Component Object Model (COM), which defines a mechanism for applications and operating systems to communicate. To know more about the most commonly used properties in this technology, see Using the Capture action.

UI Automation

Microsoft UI Automation is an accessibility framework for Microsoft Windows, and it is available on all operating systems that support Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). UI Automation provides programmatic access to most user interface elements on the desktop, enabling AT products such as screen readers to provide information about the UI to end users and to manipulate the UI by means other than standard input. To know more about the most commonly used properties in this technology, see Using the Capture action.

Microsoft (MS) COM UI Automation

MS COM UI Automation runs on unmanaged code and delivers automation faster than UI Automation. You can capture the following controls using MS COM UI Automation technology:
  • Table
  • Text box
  • Label
  • Button
  • Check box
  • Radio button

When you select this technology to capture an object on an application, if that object is not supported for the technology, that is indicated by a gray highlight around the object.

Note: The MS COM_UI Automation provides a search criterion (property) called Automation ID, which is unique to this technology.
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