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Customizing a dashboard

  • Updated: 2020/07/06
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Optimize
    • RPA Workspace

Customizing a dashboard

Log in to Bot Insight with the AAE_Bot Insight Expert role to customize the information displayed in the system-generated dashboard to make it more relevant for an analytics consumer.

To make changes in a Bot Insight dashboard, create a copy of the dashboard, and then update the copy.

After you create customized dashboards for a bot, you can make changes to the tagged variables. You can delete and add variables based on your requirements. By default, the standard dashboard always displays the latest data profile. We recommend you use the system-generated standard dashboard, and then create customized dashboards from it. Data profile updates are highlighted with a red dot in the following scenarios:
  • When there are data profile updates.
    • The variables that are newly added display the message NEW.
    • The variables that are deleted display the message DELETED.
  • When the customized dashboard data profile does not match that of the standard dashboard.
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