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Business dashboard

  • Updated: 2020/09/14
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Optimize
    • RPA Workspace

Business dashboard

The Bot Insight Business dashboard provides information about the Bot Insight data and statistics based on bot performance. You can use this information to enhance your productivity and take measures based on real-time information for RPA deployments.

The Business dashboard provides visual insight into the various business aspects of the bots. From this dashboard, you can access both the Default and Custom dashboards.

Bot Insight automatically creates the Default dashboard based on the variables that are used in the bot. You can use the Save As function to save the Default dashboard as a Custom dashboard. You can also add widgets from the Visualizations menu to your custom dashboards.

Using widgets

In the Custom dashboard, Bot Insight enables you to export data from a dashboard widget to CSV files.

Exporting data from a dashboard widget

You can perform the following actions in the Business dashboard:
  • Enter the name of the dashboard in the Search text box to access a dashboard.
  • Click the Favorite tab to bookmark your dashboard.
  • Double-click the Favorite menu to remove bookmarks.
The dashboard displays the following bot information:
  • Bot Name: Displays the name of bots that are associated with the business dashboards.
  • Total Views: Displays the number of users who viewed a dashboard.
  • Last Refreshed: Displays the time and date on which a particular dashboard was last refreshed.
  • Modified By: Displays the name of the user who had last modified the dashboard.
You can click the arrow next to the Business dashboard tabs to organize the dashboards to your requirements.

In the Dashboard Name tab, select the dashboard that you want to access to view the dashboard. You can also enter the name of the dashboard in the Search text box to access the dashboard directly.

Click Rank in the Distinct Count row to view the rank of each variable. You can view the string data type values that are logged by a variable for the maximum or minimum number of times. This further enhances your ability to verify that the data is logged correctly in the bot.

Viewing ranks of string datatype values

The Business dashboard widgets displays the following information:
  • The total number of variables
  • The comparison between number variables and transaction status
  • The comparison between number variable distribution and transaction status
  • A bar chart representing the distribution between the number variables and string variables
  • A pie chart representing the relationship between variables in numbers and strings

The Profile dashboard displays bot variables and the transaction data. The Task Name table displays the variable name, display name, data type, inclusion details, maximum, minimum, average, sum, distinct count for the date, string, and number variables.

The Transaction Data table displays the variable name, display name, data type, inclusion details, minimum, maximum, average, sum, and distinct count metrics for the following parameters:
  • Machine Name
  • Transaction Name
  • Transaction Start Time
  • Transaction End Time
  • Total Transaction Duration (Start Time - End Time)
  • Transaction Status (In Progress or Completed)
  • User Name (User who runs the bot)

You can use the Preview Data option to view the total number of records maintained for each variable. When you create and run a bot with multiple Transaction Blocks with Analyze, Open, or Close commands, all the tagged business variables are displayed in the Transaction Names menu.

You can customize the widgets in the Business dashboard. You can perform the following functions:
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