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Bot Migration Wizard

  • Updated: 2022/04/22
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrate
    • RPA Workspace

Bot Migration Wizard

This wizard is integrated in Control Room in Automation 360 and guides you through the migration process after you complete the prerequisites. You can migrate multiple bots and their dependent bots using this wizard.

The Bot Migration Wizard migrates a bot only if all of the components used in that bot are supported for migration. If a bot uses other dependent files such as .txt, .doc, and .png, you have to add these files as dependencies manually after migrating the bots.

You can also use the Bot migration package to migrate individual bots. However, we do not recommend using this package because it does not migrate bot dependencies and other entities that are required to run the bot after migration.

In the Control Room (Administration > Migration > Overview) tab, you can get a consolidated view of the status of migrated bots.
Overview tab
Important: You must have both View migration and Manage Migration permission to view this tab.
You can view the overall status of bot migration, including the following details:
  • Bots that are migrated successfully
  • Bots that failed to migrate
  • Bots that are migrated with a review message
  • Bots that are migrated with an action required message
  • History of migration: Information about past migrations that were run from a specific folder or from all folders.
You can also perform the following actions:
  • Rerun migration on selected bots and view the history of each bot that has gone through multiple migrations.
  • View the time when the bot was migrated using the time stamp.
  • Get a summary count of bots that are successfully migrated, that failed to migrate, and those that require your review or action.
  • Export a specific list of bots.
  • View the version of the migrated bot.
  • View the version history of the migrated bot (the check-in message indicates that the bot is migrated from legacy Enterprise 10 and Enterprise 11 version).

To view the updated status of the remigrated bot, you can refresh either the table or the screen, shown in the following image.Overview tab to show migration details

Watch the following video to learn how to convert Enterprise 11 or 10.x bots in .atmx and .mbot format to .bot format to Automation 360. You perform this task after you have replicated your Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 database and bots are available in Automation 360 Control Room.

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