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Run a bot

  • Updated: 8/19/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • RPA Workspace

Run a bot

You can test an automated process by running a bot.


  1. Log in to the Control Room.
  2. On the left pane, click Automation.
    A list of available bots and forms is displayed.
  3. From the Automation page, run the bot in the following ways:
    • Select the bot to run. Mouse over the actions menu (vertical ellipsis) located to the right of the bot name and click Run Task Bot > Run bot now.
    • Click the bot name. When the bot opens in the Bot editor, click Run.
    • Click Run bot > Run bot now. Enter the required details in the Run bot now page and click Run bot now.

      Search the TaskBot folders, BOTS, or DEVICES to find a specific bot. Search for a specific item by name or type using the drop-down list and search field.

    You can also run bots from the In progress and My devices pages.
    Note: If you have not set the device credentials from the My settings page, you are prompted to provide the device credentials to run the bot.
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