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Import bots

  • Updated: 2022/02/28
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • RPA Workspace

Import bots

You can import bots with their dependencies from one Control Room to another. The source environment can be Automation 360 Control Room, Enterprise 11, or Enterprise 10 Control Room instance.


  • Ensure that the following rights are enabled to import bots:
    • Import bots permission
    • Create folder permission, if it is required
    • Check-in to public workspace permission if you are importing to the public workspace
  • Ensure that the version of Control Room and packages in the source and target Control Room are same for export as well as import.
  • You must have a Bot Creator license to import bots either into the private workspace or public workspace.

    You can import bots into the public workspace if you have the required permissions, regardless of your license.

  • To import the Enterprise 11 bots into your Automation 360 Control Room, consider the following additional requirements:
    • You must have the required aapkg package that you created using the BLM export feature in the Enterprise 11 Control Room instance.
    • The aapkg package must be present in the same Automation 360 machine where you want to import the Enterprise 11 bots.
    • You can import the password protected aapkg packages using the BLM Import API only.

      Import files using API

  • Review the guidelines before you import bots.

    Guidelines for exporting and importing bots

  • To import bots from one Control Room to another, use the exported zip file (or aapkg file, in case of Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 bots). If the SMTP is configured, you will receive a link to download the zip or aapkg file on your configured email address. If SMTP is not configured, you can access the download link by navigating to Activity > Historical page.


  1. On the left pane, click Automation.
    A list of available bots and forms is displayed.
  2. Click Import bots.
  3. Browse and select the required zip file or aapkg file based on your source environment:
    Source environmentAction
    Automation 360 bots Select the required zip file.
    Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 bots Select the required aapkg file.
  4. Select the private workspace or public workspace based on your following source environment:
    Source environmentAction
    Automation 360 bots

    You can select either the private or public workspace as required.

    If you have analytics bots in your source Automation 360 environment, then all the associated Bot Insight dashboards are also imported based on the following selection:
    • If you select the private workspace, you can view only default and custom dashboards.

      To view published dashboards, you must check in the bots to the public workspace.

    • If you select the public workspace, you can view only published dashboards.

      To view default and custom dashboards, you must check out the bots to the private workspace.

    Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 bots Select the public workspace.

    This selection enables you to migrate Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 bots to the Automation 360 environment later during migration.

  5. Optional: Enter the password in the Password field.
    If your exported bot or file is password protected, you will be prompted to enter a password. Obtain the password from the user who has exported this bot or file.
  6. If some of the files that are being imported from the package are already available in your Control Room, choose one of the following options:
    • Skip the bot or file (don't import it)
    • Overwrite the bot or file with the imported one
  7. Click the Import bots option.
  8. After the import is complete, based on your source environment, navigate to the corresponding repository to find and use the imported bot:
    Source environmentAction
    Automation 360 bots Navigate to the corresponding workspace (private or public, based on your selection in Step 4).
    Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 bots

    Navigate to the public workspace in the Bots > My Tasks folder or Bots > My Metabots folder.

    Note: Enterprise 11 and Enterprise 10 bots are imported in .atmx and .mbot format. Use the migration wizard to convert the Enterprise 11 and Enterprise 10 bots files to the .bot format, which is supported in Automation 360.

    Migrate Enterprise bots

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