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Cloud preview sandbox environment

  • Updated: 2021/06/01
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Cloud preview sandbox environment

The Cloud preview sandbox environment for Automation 360 Cloud enables you to test your production bots to ensure that these bots work seamlessly in your production environment. Use the Cloud preview sandbox environment to help plan and test new features for upcoming Automation 360 releases.


The Cloud preview sandbox environment is the same as any Automation 360 Cloud instance but includes updates from the upcoming new release a few weeks before Automation Anywhere Cloud is updated.
Note: The Cloud preview sandbox environment should not be used as your production environment.
The environment helps Automation 360 Cloud customers to perform these tasks:
  • Test new features and identify any changes that might be required in your current bots.
  • Preview upcoming features and enhancements.
  • Better plan and manage changes for the upcoming update to your environment.
The sandbox environment is available only for Automation 360 cloud and cloud-enabled deployments. The environment is not supported for an Control Room in a data center that is hosted by you or a third-party vendor. The environment includes upcoming updates for Automation 360, Discovery Bot, AARI, and Bot Insight.
Note: IQ Bot is not included in the sandbox environment.


  • You must have a valid Automation 360 Cloud license to use the Cloud preview sandbox environment.
  • You must purchase an orderable sandbox SKU.

    Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Partner Enablement Manager (PEM) for more details.

Configure the environment

Perform the following tasks before you start using the environment:

  1. De-allocate some of the licenses from your existing Automation 360 instances and allocate these licenses to the sandbox environment.
  2. Switch Bot agent to the sandbox environment.

    Switch Bot agent to a different Control Room

  3. Create the required users, roles, and other Automation 360 Cloud entities in the environment:
  4. Export bots from your existing Automation 360 Cloud.

    Export bots

  5. Import the exported bots to the Cloud preview sandbox environment using Bot Lifecycle Management.

    Import bots

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