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Learning instance

  • Updated: 10/19/2021

    Learning instance

    Learning instance is an environment that enables you to upload documents that can be used to train IQ Bot for extracting data.

    A learning instance has two phases:
    This is a test phase that enables you to train and validate documents in IQ Bot. In this phase, you create, edit, and test a learning instance on sample documents.
    Note: Data from the Staging environment does not appear in the Production environment.
    This phase enables you to upload new documents to IQ Bot for automatic processing by the bots. Manually view and edit any document that is flagged with errors.

    When you log in to IQ Bot for the first time, the No current learning instances message appears. After you have created learning instances, the My learning instances page displays all the available learning instances. The Actions column can be used to know if the learning instance is on Staging or Production.

    The primary purpose of the Production environment is as follows:

    • Run the bot on uploaded business documents to extract relevant data, thereby automating the business process.
    • Collect the processed documents that IQ Bot processes, which can result in end-to-end, or unclassified processing.
    • Validate the documents marked for review and export the output to a CSV file for manual review.
    • Mark incorrect documents as invalid.
    • Collect and download the invalid documents.
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