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Citizen Developer user

  • Updated: 2021/07/12
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Citizen Developer user

A Citizen Developer is a business user who can create and run bots, and share these automated tasks with peers. Citizen Developer is typically not a technical expert but a specialist such as a marketing analyst, HR manager, and accounts manager.


Users with bot creation capability can create, edit, run, or schedule bots on their device. While users with bot execution capability can access a public folder to run or schedule published bots. Citizen Developer users combine these capabilities to create bots, access the public folder, and clone published bots and run them on their devices.


In an organization, an administrator typically creates the Citizen Developer role with the necessary bot permissions and specifies the database or folder access. The administrator assigns this role to existing or new users and allocates the Citizen Developer license to them.

A Citizen Developer user can then perform the following tasks:

  • Create bots and run them on their devices.
  • Add and delete event triggers for bots on their devices.

    Citizen developer user can create a private event trigger. However, the associated bot must be checked in to a public folder for other citizen developer or Bot Runner users to access that event trigger.

  • Publish their bots to the public folder where other Citizen Developer users can access them.
  • Access the public folder and clone published bots (including bots with triggers).
  • Customize cloned bots and run them on their devices.
  • Check in bots from their devices to the public folder.
  • Check out bots from the public folder.

The following image illustrates the capabilities of a Citizen Developer user:

Citizen Developer user capabilities


Consider a scenario where an organization has Marketing and Finance teams. The administrator creates the following two Citizen Developer roles:
  • CD (Marketing): provides access to all Marketing team folders
  • CD (Finance): provides access to all Finance team folders
The administrator then assigns the Citizen Developer license to users within each team. Citizen Developer users with the CD (Marketing) role can create and run bots on their devices. When a user with the CD (Marketing) role publishes a bot to a public folder, other Citizen Developer users within the Marketing team can clone and run this bot on their devices.

Similarly, Citizen Developer users with the CD (Finance) role will have the same capabilities within the Finance team folders. However, users from one team cannot access any folders and published bots from the other team.

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