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Variables overview

  • Updated: 2022/07/20
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Variables overview

Automation 360 offers a variety of variables, each designed to hold specific types of data and is intended for specific use. Use the topics below to learn more about each variable and how to use them.

Note: In Enterprise 11, if a bot used a variable that was followed by a space and a string that began with a dollar sign character ($) and enclosed in parentheses, brackets, or braces, after migration, the variable field encounters an error. The error occurs because, in Automation 360, two dollar sign characters ($$) are required in a string to display the dollar sign. To fix this error, add another dollar sign to the string. For example, if you are using the prompt-assignment variable to display a string followed by $5 [$Prompt-Assignment$ ($5)], after migration, the variable field displays an error. To fix the error, edit the variable field to add another dollar sign, as follows: [$Prompt-Assignment$ ($$5)].
Credentials and credential variables in the Bot editor
Use credentials when building bots to pass sensitive information such as passwords and account numbers. Using credentials separates the sensitive information from the bots and Bot Runners, which reduces the risk of data spillage or unauthorized user access.
Predefined variables
Predefined variables return the specific values about the machine on which the bot is executed. Users cannot edit the values of a predefined variable.
Your variables (user-defined)
Users and some actions create user-defined variables to temporarily hold values. Use this kind of variable to input values into an action (window title, login credential, or file path) or to accept the output of an action (values read from a file or a Boolean return).
Create a variable
Global values
Global values enable users to reuse identical values between bots instead of creating new variables for each bot. A user with the AAE_admin role configures a global value with a default value and can enable non-admin users to overwrite the value to use in their bots.
Work Item variables
You can use the Work Item variables to pass the Work Item attributes or values to the TaskBot from the Control Room when you run the bot with the option Run bot with queue.
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