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Enterprise A2019 (Build 550) Release Notes

  • Updated: 2021/05/31
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Enterprise A2019 (Build 550) Release Notes

These release notes describe new features, changed features, fixed features, security fixes, deprecated features, and known limitations in Enterprise A2019 (Build 550).

New features in A2019 Build 550

Feature Description
On-premises installer The on-premises installation application for Enterprise A2019.
IQ Bot supports IE11 IQ Bot (Build 550) supports Internet Explorer version 11 (IE11).
Download all documents action Use the Download all documents action to download the extracted results from an IQ Bot server that was created by running a TaskBot, using the Upload Document action.

Supported packages in Build 550

The supported packages in this release have not changed since the previous release. For a list of these packages, see Enterprise A2019 (Build 543) Release Notes.

Changed features

IQ Bot (Build 550) Changed Features
Issue Description
Language toggle UI redesigned

On the IQ Bot landing page, user can click the language toggle at the top right corner, to select a language from the drop-down list. The UI displays in the selected language.

User can select a language from either the Control Room or IQ Bot language toggle icon.

Note: After logging out of the system, the system performs a reset. This requires the user to select the language again at login.
Upload document action The Upload document action lets you to upload documents for processing with IQ Bot, using a TaskBot.

Fixed features

IQ Bot (Build 550) fixed features:
  • Japanese documents using Microsoft Azure Computer Vision OCR engine get classified correctly.
  • In the Designer window, during document training, user is able to move from one page to the other successfully along with mapping of form and table fields.
  • Download API can download successfully processed documents after moving the bot and learning instance to production.

Security fixes

No security features are introduced in this build.

Deprecated features

No deprecated features are introduced in this build.

Known limitations

IQ Bot (Build 550) known limitations:
  • When using Internet Explorer (IE) 11, icons disappear after a page refresh. A hard refresh (Ctrl plus F5) helps fix the issue.
  • When using Internet Explorer (IE) 11, if user imports a domain, the system shows an error message. However, the feature works as expected.
  • User is unable to migrate IQBA files from other versions of IQ Bot.
  • IQ Bot portal does not launch after a machine restart. User has to restart Automation Anywhere Control Room Reverse Proxy Service as well.
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