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  • Updated: 2021/10/19
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • RPA Workspace

Edit profile

Manage user profiles.

For users of Control Room configured with a non-directory environment, change the password, first name, last name, and email address.


  1. Click the Device icon and select Update credentials.
    In the Control Room panel, click your username and select the My settings link.
  2. In the Device login credentials section, enter the Username and Password for the device.
    In the My profile section, click Edit.
    Device login credentials are required to run a bot from this device.
    Note: Automation 360 does not validate the device login credentials until you run a bot.

    If your username is part of a domain, include the domain within the format domain\username. Typically, home users are not part of a domain, unless they are specifically configured.

    If your username contains non-ASCII characters, ensure your system locale settings are configured to use these characters.

    Configuring post-installation settings

  3. Enter information for general details, contact info and change password.
  4. Click Update
    Save the changes.
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