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Update Bot wizard for converting IE bots

  • Updated: 2022/08/10
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • RPA Workspace
    • Learn

Update Bot wizard for converting IE bots

Use the Update Bot wizard to convert Internet Explorer bots created in Automation 360 to Microsoft Edge with IE mode.


  • Ensure you are logged in as an administrator or have given the following permissions to the user performing the bot update and to the Bot Runners you have selected:
    • Users performing the bot update:
      • View bot update
      • Manage bot update
      • View Users and Roles basic information
      • View everyone's audit log actions
      • View packages
      • View my bots
      • Run my bots
      • You must have the below-mentioned permissions for Bots, Sample bots, and the folders containing the bots you want to update:
        • Run
        • Check in
        • Check out
        • View content
      • A role that has access to Bot Runners that you want to select for running the update (on the Administration > Bot update > Bot Runners page)
    • Bot Runners:
      • An unattended Bot Runner license
      • Autologin Set status
      • Allow a bot-runner user to update bots
      • Create folders
      • View packages
      • Register device
      • View my bots
      • Run my bots
      • Below permissions for the folders containing the bots you want to update,
        • Check in
        • Check out
      • Default device settings

    For more information on creating users and roles, see Create a user and Create a role.

  • The Internet Explorer bots should already be identified for conversion.
  • The bots must be Checked in and available in the Public workspace.
Note: You cannot use the Update Bot wizard to convert Enterprise 10 and Enterprise 11 bots created using Internet Explorer. For details, see Bot Migration Wizard.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Bot update in the Control Room.
    If you have not performed any bot updates previously, the Bot update list on the Bot update page will not display bot updates.
  2. Click Update bots to open the Update Bot wizard.
  3. In the Settings tab, add details such as the name and description to update bots.
  4. Click Next.
  5. On the Bots tab, navigate to the Bots folder that contains the Internet Explorer bots.
  6. Select bots from the list of available files and add the bots to the list of selected files.
    You can choose from the latest or production version bots.
    Note: You do not have to select the dependent bots because the dependent bots are selected automatically.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Select Bot Runner devices from the list of Bot Runners to run the bot update.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Verify details such as the bot type, name, version, and folder path on the Bot and Dependent Bots tab.
  11. Click Update bots.
    The selected bots and dependent bots are deployed on the selected Bot Runners for conversion from IE to Microsoft Edge with IE mode. The bots are converted one at a time and a new version of the bots is uploaded to the Control Room public repository. A new entry for updated bots is created during the bot conversion process on the Bot update list page.

    The page shows the status and summary of the bots updated for conversion. You can refresh the page to view the current bot conversion status.

    Bot update list page

    A list of the different bot conversion status during the conversion process is as follows:

    • In progress: Indicates that the bot conversion has started.
    • Completed: Indicates that the bot conversion process is completed.
    • Failed: Indicates that the conversion of one or more bots has failed.
  12. Select View update bots details from the actions menu (Image of action icon (vertical ellipsis)) to view the bot conversion details of each bot.
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