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Manage Control Room packages

  • Updated: 2022/04/11
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace

Manage Control Room packages

Manage packages in the Control Room by setting a package as default, disabling it, or deleting it.


Ensure that you are logged in to the Control Room as the administrator.

To manage packages in the Control Room, users must have Manage package permission.

Package management actions apply to all users; however, the user can select specific package versions within a bot.


  1. Navigate to Manage > Packages.
  2. Hover over the Actions icon for the package.
  3. Click View.
  4. Choose any of the following options:
    Set as default Select a package and set is as the default. As soon as a package is set to default, it is the package that all Bot Creators in the Control Room use.
    Note: By default, new versions of packages become the default version and will only be used the first time that package is used in editing a bot. If a bot already uses the package, it continues to use an earlier version.
    Disable Disable a package so that users cannot use it to create new bots. Bots that were created using a disabled package continue to work.
    Delete Deleting a package removes the actions contained in the package from the Control Room for all users.
    Important: A package cannot be deleted if it is being used by a bot.
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