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Automation 360 Cloud updates

  • Updated: 2022/08/08
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Automation 360 Cloud updates

Automation 360 Cloud is a multitenant cloud service that leverages the latest best practices in delivering web-scale SaaS to rolling out incremental updates globally using a continuous deployment pipeline.

Automation 360 Cloud provides updates to the Bot Agent instances running on your infrastructure. The Bot Agent is a lightweight, Java-based, modular application that handles particular bots and their packages when they are scheduled to run.

Bot Agent updates are transparent to active Bot Creator users. For operations, the Bot Agent updates are carried out automatically, by default, without requiring administrative privileges (much like browser updates).
Note: This is regardless of whether the Bot Agent was installed as a system user or local user.

With each update, products such as RPA Workspace, Control Room, IQ Bot, Bot Insight, Discovery Bot, and AARI have improved security and enhanced features. Application command packages can also be enhanced and made available for inclusion into bots on your release cycle.

Updates are rolled out over a 4-hour maintenance window per geographical region. These maintenance windows are posted on the Automation 360 Cloud Service Status site. Although the actual downtime during the update varies, completion is typically within 10-15 minutes. If IQ Bot is in use, completion time is typically 20 - 30 minutes. In general, bots run to completion during updates, with the following scenarios being exceptions:
  • The bot tags data for Bot Insight.
  • Parent/child bots run to completion as the child bots are downloaded at the start of running the parent bot. Unless the child bots are referenced using a variable parameter, calling those child bots need the Control Room to be available during parent bot runs.
  • Bots that run WLM.

After the Bot Agent has reconnected to the Control Room, the bot status is updated in the bot run activity logs.

Automated Bot Agent update takes place after an agent completes any current bot run and the Bot Agent reconnects to the Control Room.

During this short downtime, any bots scheduled to run will not be run. It is therefore recommended that bots are not scheduled to start to run during the planned maintenance window.

The following table provides a list of regions and the day and time of their maintenance windows:

Region Day and time in UTC
AP-AUS Wednesday, 12:00 to 16:00
AP-Sing Wednesday, 16:00 to 20:00
EU-West1 Tuesday, 20:00 to Wednesday 02:00
EU-West4 Tuesday, 20:00 to Wednesday 00:00
LATAM Thursday, 02:00 to 07:00
ME Thursday, 20:00 to Friday 00:00
S. Africa Thursday, 20:00 to Friday 00:00
US-East Friday, 02:00 to 07:00
US-Central Friday, 02:00 to 06:00
India Friday, 02:00 to Saturday 00:00
US-West Monday, 02:00 to 08:00
Canada Monday, 02:00 to 06:00
Japan Monday, 16:00 to 20:00
Note: A small interim update might be planned to address urgent, priority updates mid-cycle between the primary quarterly updates. These will occur on the same day of the week and time as the schedule mentioned previously.

Regular updates

Regular updates are planned approximately every 3 months and are scheduled to occur during non-business hours and not close to the beginning or end of a month. Notifications are posted to the Service Status site 2 weeks in advance of the update. A notification message is also pushed to administrators in the Control Room in advance.

You can review changes in the release notes that are made available 3 weeks before each update.

Note: As a customer, you can use a sandbox Control Room environment to try out the next update at least 3 weeks before the main Dev/UAT/Prod environments are updated.
Command packages might be updated and made the default for creating new bots. Existing bots continue to use their existing package versions. New bots use the new default package version. However, as a user, you can also choose to revert to the previous version.

Cloud infrastructure updates

Cloud infrastructure updates are carried out typically once every 3-month period. If these infrastructure updates involve planned downtime for Automation 360 Cloud, notifications are posted on the Service Status site at least 1 week in advance.

Critical patch updates

Patch updates might be required for either critical security updates or where serious issues with an update affect the majority of Cloud customers.

Patches require a maintenance window although they typically do not require a Bot Agent update. For patch updates, advance notice will be provided on the Service Status site.

Planned maintenance windows

Automation Anywhere offers planned update maintenance windows to enable customer operations to support Bot Lifecycle Management. Outside of planned maintenance windows for the updates mentioned previously, the Automation 360 Cloud availability SLA is 99.9 percent per month.
Note: For more information, see Cloud Automation Agreement.

The following table provides information such as frequency, time expectation, and client action for different types of updates:

Type of update Frequency Time expectation Client action
Regular Automation 360 Control Room and Bot Agent 3 - 4 months

4-hour window

Around 10 minutes of downtime

Bots can run to completion. Do not schedule bots to start during this 4-hour window.
Sandbox At least 3 weeks prior to regular Cloud updates Try new features out after the window. Sanity-test production bots.
Cloud infrastructure Once every 3-month period Varies. Scheduled on weekends. Bots can run to completion. Do not schedule bots to start during the window.
Critical patch As needed Critical notice given
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