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View completed activity

  • Updated: 2022/06/24
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace

View completed activity

View a list of all completed activities and corresponding information on the Historical page under Activity.

Completed activities

All activities, successfully completed or not, are listed in the historical page. Perform tasks such as export data in the table in CSV format, customize columns, use search parameters in the search bar, or refresh the list in the table from this page.

Note: Specify search parameters for the same column using OR operator. Specify search parameters for different columns, the system searches using AND operator.
Perform the following actions on a column:
  • Click a column to sort it in ascending or descending order.
  • Use a drag-and-drop operation to move the column left or right.
  • Move the mouse cursor to the end of the column and drag to re-size.

Information displayed

The Activity table displays information such as the following:
The status of the activity, including unknown, completed, failed, stopped, or time out.
Item name
The name of the item.
Device name
The name of the Bot Runner machine.
Bot name
The name of the bot.
The name of the user in whose account that particular activity or automation was running on the device.
Started on
The date and time when the activity was started.
Ended on
The date and time when the activity was completed.
Last Modified
The date and time when the activity was changed.
Modified By
The name of the user who recently changed the activity.


Click any individual item to perform the following action:
View details of the completed activity.

Actions must be done only at a table level, and not on individual items.

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