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Download extracted content

  • Updated: 2022/01/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Download extracted content

After you have trained learning instance, use the Download all documents action from the IQ Bot package to download extracted content from standard forms.


  1. Drag the Download all documents action from the IQ Bot package.
  2. Click the Learning instance name drop-down menu and select a standard forms learning instance.
  3. In the Local output folder field, provide a path to your local folder where you want to extract the content.
  4. In the IQ Bot Document status, select the appropriate status for the documents:
  5. Select Delete files from the server after downloading check box if you want to remove the files from IQ Bot server.
  6. In the Save the response to a variable field, add a variable.

    A variable value in this field provides information if the download was successful or the reason for a failure.

  7. Click Save, and run the bot.
  8. Navigate to the local output folder to review the downloaded files.
    The output folder can have up to three subfolders:
    • Retrain: Contains documents that were sent for validation.

      These documents are stored in their original input format and you can train them by uploading them to your existing learning instance.

    • Success: Standard form documents that have been processed successfully.

      The output is a .json file. Tables in the input documents are auto extracted and saved as separate .xls file with the table name.

    • Validate: Contains documents that require validation.

      These documents will be available in the IQ Bot Validator and you can download the output separately.

    Note: Depending on the content in the uploaded documents, you can also get the following additional subfolders:
    • Failed: Documents that failed the validation process.
    • Unprocessed: Documents that could not be classified.
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