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IQ Bot Classifier package

  • Updated: 2022/01/10
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • IQ Bot

IQ Bot Classifier package

IQ Bot Classifier package enables you to group or classify documents into appropriate learning instances for content extraction in Automation 360 IQ Bot.

Note: IQ Bot Classifier package is available on demand. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Partner Enablement Manager (PEM) for the package. You have to upload this package to Control Room.

Add packages to the Control Room

To use your existing bots, you must also add the license when prompted. This package has the following requirements:
  • User must be assigned the IQ Bot Classifier license.
  • A Bot Runner user must be associated with role that has Administration > View License permission enabled.

    Create a role

  • Ensure that the Bot Agent version is not older than the previous two versions.

    For example, if you upgrade to Automation 360 v.23 Build 11513 (On-Premises), ensure that the Bot Agent version is not older than 21.82.10342.

    See Bot Agent compatibility.


The IQ Bot Classifier package enables you to segregate different types of documents into respective categories. This output can then be used to build logic to merge pages in a document for enhanced data extraction.

See How to merge documents in IQ Bot Classifier package (A-People login required).

Actions in the IQ Bot Classifier package

The package contains the Classify, Classify documents, and Train Classifier actions. You can use these actions to create a model file, and use the file to classify uploaded documents into different folders. These actions work as a precursor to document processing.

The Classify action groups the document pages into various categories, making it is easy for you to send each classified group for document processing and ensuring the documents are not placed in unclassified output folders.

The Classify documents action supports manually created document groups. With this action, you can select to group documents based on the fields in the first page, instead of waiting for the Classifier to parse the entire document and grouping it based on the fields in all the pages.

Actions Description
Classify See Using Classify action
Classify documents See Using the Classify document action
Train Classifier See Using Train Classifier action

Watch the following video to understand how to use the IQ Bot Classifier package:

To learn more, review the courses in IQ Bot Developer learning trail: IQ Bot Developer Training (A-People login required).

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