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Enterprise A2019.10 Release Notes

  • Updated: 6/01/2021
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Enterprise A2019.10 Release Notes

Review the new features, supported packages, changed features, fixed features, and known limitations in Enterprise A2019.10 (Build 2545). There are no security fixes in this release.

Enterprise A2019

To verify which Bot agent version is compatible with this release, see Compatibility with Automation 360 builds.

New features
Migrate 11.3.x TaskBots to Enterprise A2019

Enterprise A2019

AISense Recorder to capture objects from remote applications

This is a Beta release on Enterprise A2019 (Cloud deployment only) and Community Edition

Record a task and capture objects using the AISense Recorder from applications that are usually accessed remotely and with a complex user interface (UI).

Record a task with AISense Recorder

Manage your automation as Work Items for resource optimization and workload automation

Enterprise A2019 and Community Edition

Divide your automation into small, logical modules called Work Items using the new Workload Management feature. Process these Work Items simultaneously using queues to ensure that your organization's automation goals are achieved with optimum resource utilization.

Use the workload module to create and manage workload queues and run bots on unattended Bot Runners through the workload queues. Also, pass the Work Item attributes or values to the bot from the Control Room when you Run bot with queue with the help of Work Item variables.

Workload management

Install Control Room on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 and Linux CentOS 7.7

Enterprise A2019

Use the command line to install your Control Room on your Linux servers in the datacenter.

Installing Control Room on Linux

Use wildcard characters in folder and file path fields in the Encrypt and Decrypt actions

Enterprise A2019 and Community Edition

Substitute an asterisk (*) for one or more unknown alphanumeric characters or symbols. This maximizes the search results by returning all folders and files that contain the string that you have specified.

Encrypt | Decrypt

Use system variables to return data from the computer that is connected to the running Bot agent

Enterprise A2019 and Community Edition

You can use the following system variables:

  • AAControlRoom: Returns the URL of the Control Room.
  • CPUUsage: Returns the percentage utilization of the CPU.
  • RAMUsage: Returns the RAM usage in megabytes.
  • OSName: Returns the operating system.
  • TotalRAM: Returns the total amount of RAM available.
Automate tasks in Oracle EBS and Forms with the Universal Recorder

Enterprise A2019 and Community Edition

Open Oracle EBS applications in a browser as Java Web Start applications or as a thick client. The Universal Recorder can capture the following objects:

  • Window/Tab
  • Button
  • Text box
  • Label (read-only)
  • Radio button
  • Check box
  • Table/Grid
  • Scroll bar
  • Menu
  • Combo-box/Drop-down list

Supported packages

Package Version
Node Manager 2.0.2885
Application 2.0.0-20200131-085947
Analyze 2.1.0-20200204-154550
Boolean 2.0.0-20200131-085949
Browser 2.0.0-20200127-180439
Clipboard 2.0.0-20200131-085958
Comment 2.0.0-20200130-183435
CSV/TXT 2.0.0-20200205-175938
Database 2.0.0-20200205-175940
Data Table 2.0.0-20200131-200235
Datetime 2.0.0-20200131-090006
Delay 2.1.0-20200131-090007
Dictionary 2.0.0-20200205-175946
Run DLL 2.0.0-20200205-230300
Email 2.0.0-20200206-135926
Error handler 2.0.0-20200130-183452
Excel basic 2.0.0-20200205-110122
Excel advanced 2.0.0-20200205-110012
File 2.0.0-20200131-090018
Folder 2.0.0-20200131-090021
FTP / SFTP 2.0.0-20200206-110020
IF/ELSE 2.0.0-20200131-090025
Image Recognition 2.0.0-20200131-090028
IQ Bot 2.0.0-20191031-150538
JavaScript 2.0.0-20200205-180013
Simulate keystrokes 2.0.0-20200205-105955
List 2.0.0-20200131-090039
Log To File 2.0.0-20200131-090040
Loop 2.0.0-20200131-090041
Message Box 2.0.0-20200131-090041
Migration 1.1.0-20200206-180601
Mouse 2.0.0-20200131-090044
Number 2.0.0-20200205-110015
OCR 2.1.0-20200131-090053
Office 365 Excel 2.0.0-20200205-180122
Office 365 Calendar 2.0.0-20200206-105949
Office 365 OneDrive 2.0.0-20200127
PDF 2.1.0-20200131-090152
PGP 2.1.0-20200205-110117
Ping 2.0.0-20200131-090156
Play Sound 2.0.0-20200127-180654
Prompt 2.0.0-20200127-180707
Python Script 2.0.0-20200205-180148
Recorder 2.0.0-20200212
REST Web Service 2.0.0-20200206-110309
SAP 2.1.0-20200205-180245
Screen 2.0.0-20200131-090311
SNMP 2.0.0-20200207-090446
SOAP Web Service 2.0.0-20200127-180819
String 2.0.0-20200131-090323
System 2.0.0-20200205-110240
Terminal Emulator 2.0.0-20200131-090330
VBScript 2.0.0-20200205-180309
Wait 2.0.0-20200131-090335
Window 2.0.0-20200131-090337
XML 2.0.0-20200131-090339
Changed features
Updated layout for the summary report generated by Bot Scanner

The layout of the summary report is updated to provide information about the number of bots scanned, and the commands and variables used in the scanned bots that are supported in Enterprise A2019.

Analyze reports
Python script and VBScript packages return output without quotation marks

The actions in the Python script and VBScript packages now return output without any quotation marks. For example, if the action previously returned "ABC" as the output, now the action returns only ABC.

Use Microsoft SQL Server address as alias for database

Service Cloud case ID: 00401484

The Control Room now supports using a Microsoft SQL Server address as alias for a database during installation.

Automation 360: Steps to change database server post Control Room installation (A-People login required)

Fixed features

Service Cloud case ID Description
00463210 In a virtual machine using Remote Desktop Protocol, the Keystrokes action now functions properly without prompting a special characters error.
00455359, 00466407, 00475122 When the Control Room is used in Google Chrome, renaming a folder in the My bots section no longer causes the browser to crash.
00440659 In the Data Table package, the Create folders/files if it doesn't exist option in the Write to file action now functions properly and does not create a file when the option is not selected.
00377861, 00466104 When you install Enterprise A2019 On-Premises with Amazon Relation Database Service (RDS) and there is no internet connectivity, the installation now completes successfully.

00472738, 00496476

In the Control Room, the bot now runs successfully without prompting an interactive bot error message in any circumstance.
00472655 In the Loop action, selecting the Cell range in the Loop through option now functions properly with the For each row in worksheet in the Iterator option.
00475040 When a bot is developed in Google Chrome, the pause and resume options now function correctly.
00445671 The time taken to connect to the Control Room is now less than 2 minutes after you restart the Control Room services.
00421864 You can now configure your Bot agent using the Google Chrome browser. The following error message is no longer displayed: Please use Chrome to configure your bot agent.
00462095 Bot compilation time has decreased, so it takes less time for the bot to run. Previously, some bots took up to 40 seconds in pre-processing mode.

IQ Bot

The IQ Bot On-Premises version is available for this release with additional features or updates since the last release. This IQ Bot version supports all the features and functionality available in IQ Bot Version 6.5.2.

IQ Bot feature comparison matrix

Review the compatibility of the IQ Bot A2019 On-Premises version with the corresponding Automation Anywhere Control Room On-Premises version.

Automation 360 IQ Bot version compatibility

New features
IQ Bot On-Premises unified database

IQ Bot Build 2545 On-Premises now supports a unified database. You have to run a migration script to migrate the databases of Builds 1089, 1598, and 2079 to Build 2545.

Run IQ Bot On-Premises database migration script

Note: The version number in the IQ Bot installer is incorrect and will be fixed in the next release.

Bot Insight A2019

New features
New Bot Insight homepage

The new homepage displays all the available dashboards in a single page and enables you to directly access the dashboard of your choice. The smart search functionality enables you to search for dashboards in the Search text field. The homepage also enables you to bookmark your favorite dashboards and to sort the dashboards based on the following parameters:

  • Dashboard Name
  • Type
  • Total Views
  • Last Refreshed

Bot Insight dashboards

Operations dashboard

View information about the bots that are deployed on different Bot Runner machines and their statistics based on the performance from the Bot Insight Operations dashboard. You can use this information to enhance productivity and take measures based on real-time information for RPA deployments.

You can directly access the Bots and Audit dashboards from the hyperlinks in the Operations dashboard.

Operations dashboard

Transaction data

View data that is aggregated and logged by the bots when they are deployed in the Bot Runner machines by using the Transaction data feature in the Profile menu. You can access this feature from the Business dashboard.

Business dashboard

Exporting data from widgets

Export data that is generated by the various smart widgets to comma-separated value (CSV) files on your local drive from the Custom Business dashboard. The export file for all the widgets, except the Data Table Chart and the US Map, contains the following headers:

  • Group
  • Subgroup
  • Metric
  • Volume

The Data Table Chart export file contains all the headers that are present in the Data Table Chart. The US Map export file contains the state codes, metric values, and the volume headers.

Exporting data from a dashboard widget

Visualization updates

Customize the widgets on the Bot Insight dashboards to gain insights for specific scenarios. The following widgets are added to Bot Insight:

  • Heat Map
  • Data Table Chart

Bot Insight visualizations

Known limitations

Using the Universal Recorder in Oracle EBS applications:
  • The Select item by text action does not retrieve the value of a selected ListView object.
    Workaround: Manually enter the item value after capturing the object control or use the Select item by index action.
    Note: Item index count starts at 1.
  • At runtime, the Select item by text and Select item by index actions do not appear to select the item specified in a PageTab object, but the bot successfully executes the action.
  • At runtime, the Select item by text and Select item by index actions do not appear to select the item specified in a ComboBox object, but the bot successfully executes the action.
In Enterprise A2019 On-Premises, the following activities are currently not logged in the workload logs:
  • Create a queue
  • Create a device pool
  • Create a bot
  • Run a bot with a queue
You can access the logs from the C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\Logs folder.
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