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Bot Scanner overview

  • Updated: 7/15/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrate
    • RPA Workspace
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Bot Scanner overview

The Bot Scanner analyzes the bots (TaskBots and MetaBots) created in your Enterprise 10 or Enterprise 11 Control Room. The scanner generates a report summarizing the number of bots, commands, and variables that are ready for migration and those not yet supported for migration, and provides a recommendation on whether you are ready for migration.

Note: A new version of Bot Scanner is released with each Automation 360 release. Use the latest Bot Scanner version to monitor the commands and variables that are supported for migration in Automation 360 with each update. The scanner obtains information about the Automation Anywhere components used by customers and prioritizes support for these components for migration.

Considerations for using Bot Scanner

  • Ensure that you are on the supported Enterprise 10 or Enterprise 11 Control Room version for migration before you scan your bots.

    Supported versions for migration

  • You do not have to install Automation 360 to run the Bot Scanner, but access to your Enterprise 10 or Enterprise 11 repository is a requirement.
  • You must run the Bot Scanner before performing any migration steps.

How Bot Scanner works

The Bot Scanner reads the contents of your Enterprise 10 or Enterprise 11 and provides a summary report for your analysis. The scanner provides a recommendation on whether or not to migrate now and an estimated time of availability (ETA) on when unsupported commands will be supported in Automation 360.

Note: The Bot Scanner does not migrate bots or perform any other action. If you are not ready for migration, the Bot Scanner identifies the reasons why the bots cannot be migrated.

The bots (.atmx and .mbot files) are scanned at the location you specify and the summary report provides the following information:

  • The number of bots scanned
  • The number of bots that can and cannot be migrated to Automation 360
  • The commands and variables that are used in the scanned bots and supported in Automation 360
  • The commands that are migrated to Automation 360 with some modifications that have to be reviewed
Note: The Bot Scanner generates the summary report in HTML format and a separate report for each bot in XML format.

Bot Scanner reports

The Bot Scanner generates the following reports to help you decide whether you should start the migration.

Proceed with migration
This report is generated when 90% or more than 90% of your bots can be migrated. As the majority of your bots are ready for migration, you are eligible for migration. You might have to perform some work before or after migration to migrate some of the remaining bots.
Wait to migrate
This report is generated when less than 90% of your bots can be migrated. In this case, you must run the latest version of the Bot Scanner available with next release of Automation 360, to assess your eligibility for migration.

Sharing Bot Scanner report to improve experience

You can help improve the experience of migration to Automation 360 by sharing the reports generated by the Bot Scanner. These reports help our engineering team focus on supporting the components that are more frequently used by our customers.

Important: We maintain the privacy of the shared reports. No personally identifiable information (PII) is included and you can review the reports before sharing. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Partner Enablement Manager (PEM) for more details.

Watch the following video to understand how the Bot Scanner analyzes your bots and determines your migration readiness from Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 to Automation 360.

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