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Community Edition A2019.17 Release Notes

  • Updated: 2020/12/14
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Community Edition A2019.17 Release Notes

Release date: 13 November 2020

Review the new features and supported packages in the Community Edition A2019.17 (Build 7103) release. IQ Bot is on Build 7082.

Community Edition A2019

Bot agent update: This release includes a required update to your Bot agent. Ensure that you complete the update to continue with your automation activities when upgrading from a previous release to this release.

Automatically update the Bot agent | Manually update the Bot agent

New features
Connect to EWS server with OAuth authentication

A new authentication is available for the Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol with OAuth. You can use the OAuth authentication and enable your EWS-managed API applications to access Exchange online in Office 365.

Using the Connect action

VT220 terminal type supported in Terminal Emulator

To establish a connection and communicate with another machine, you can now use the VT220 terminal for sending and receiving text.

Using the Connect action

Enhancements to the Recorder
  • Record a task using the Universal Recorder or AISense Recorder from a single point of entry. Both recorders are now managed through a single package, which enables faster and more efficient updates.
  • You can now record tasks in a Microsoft Edge browser that runs on Chromium (versions 79 and later).
  • Use the AISense Recorder Define option to capture an object that is only visible when you hover the mouse over the object.
  • Use the Resize window option in the Recorder > Capture action to set the window width and height.

    This option delivers a more reliable bot. It resizes the window to the dimensions at which the task was recorded, thus increasing the likelihood that the bot identifies the target object.

Get started with recorders | Universal Recorder supported applications and browsers | Using the Capture action

Use shared session in Terminal Emulator

Use the new Shared session option to pass the exact state of an application to a concurrently occurring TaskBot or MetaBot logic. For example, instead of connecting to the same application multiple times for different tasks, you can use the option to connect to the application using a single task, thus optimizing your automation logic in the long run.

Share session between TaskBot logic

Share an Excel session between bots

Use the Set session action from the Excel basic or Excel advanced package to assign an Excel session to a variable, and then pass that variable from a parent to a child bot. This enables the child bot to access the worksheet opened in the parent bot.

Excel basic package | Excel advanced workbook operations |