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Working with the Bot agent

  • Updated: 2022/02/10
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • RPA Workspace
    • Process flow

Working with the Bot agent

Users can perform tasks based on their access privileges after installing the Bot agent on their device.

Install and update the Bot agent

To install and update the Bot agent, you must perform these tasks:

  1. If you are using the Bot agent application for the first time, verify all prerequisites to install the Bot agent are complete.

    Bot agent compatibility

  2. Install the Bot agent on your device.

    Install Bot agent and register device | Perform bulk installation of Bot agent on devices

    Connect the Bot agent to your device using an authentication proxy to ensure changed proxy setting or credentials are updated so that bots can be deployed on your device.

    Connect Bot agent to a device with a proxy

  3. Set device credentials to enable the Control Room to deploy bots on your device.

    Set user device credentials

  4. Switch to a different Control Room based on your automation requirements.

    Switch Bot agent to a different Control Room

  5. When updates are available, you can update the Bot agent to the latest version.

    Depending on the settings for the Bot agent, you can either automatically update or manually update your Bot agent.

    Automatically update the Bot agent | Manually update the Bot agent

  6. Verify the Bot agent version and device connection in the Control Room > Devices page.


Related tasks

Users can also perform the following tasks:
Resources: For additional information about the Bot agent, see this training course: Automation Anywhere Certification (A-People login required)
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