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Automation 360 licenses

  • Updated: 2022/06/28
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Automation 360 licenses

The All Licenses page displays detailed information about current product and device licenses.

Product licenses

The Automation Anywhere Control Room is the web-based application at the center of the Digital Workforce providing enterprise-wide management and control. The Control Room ensures reliable, scalable, and secure bot deployment and execution. From this central vantage point, operators can receive tasks from the Bot Creator and push to the Bot Runners for execution with simple mouse clicks. The Control Room monitors and audits all scheduled and running bots, in real time.

The Control Room provides an automated mechanism for tracking and controlling the use of licensed software across Bot Creators and Bot Runners, addressing NIST Change Management CM-10.

Device licenses

The device licenses section shows the number of licenses purchased, used, and available. If the licenses are added to the Control Room from the Cloud, the Licenses page also shows the number of pages processed in other Control Room instances.

License Permission
Bot Creator Users with this license can create, edit, schedule, and trigger bots. Additionally, these users can run bots in the following ways:
  • On their local machine
  • From the public workspace if the Control Room administrator has specified a Run as user for unattended Bot Runner
Bot Runner Users with this license can run bots independently and asynchronously.
Unattended Bot Runner Run-time license Users with this license can perform all automation tasks that attended users can perform. Additionally, this license can also be used for Automation Anywhere Control Room deployment, centralized scheduling, and API-based deployment.
Note: Among all the triggers, you can associate any trigger only with a user who has a Bot Runner license. Also, for a user with unattended Bot Runner license, if you associate triggers such as Hot key, Interface, or Window, the following conditions apply:
  • The default device must not be in the logged-off or locked state.

  • The user must be logged in to the device to perform the predefined task that can trigger the bot.

Attended Bot Runner Run-time license Users with this license can run bots on their devices. However, these users cannot run or schedule bots on another device.
Citizen Developer license Users with this license can create and run bots (including bots with triggers) on their devices.

Create a Citizen Developer role

IQ Bot pages This license is required for uploading documents to either intelligent document processing solution, Automation 360 IQ Bot or Document Automation
Standard Forms pages This license is required for uploading documents for processing in standard forms.
Document AI Enables Document Automation users to process documents in Google Document AI.
Note: This metric is visible only to customers who purchased Google Document AI licenses through Automation Anywhere.
IQ Bot Classifier Users with this license can upload documents to the Classifier, where the documents are sorted into document groups, which improves extraction accuracy.
Bot Insight Bot Insight provides real-time, RPA native analytics for both business insights and operational intelligence.

The Bot Insight license is purchased on a per-user basis. To access the Business dashboard, the user must be assigned this license.

Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface The Control Room can combine the AARI user license with the Bot Creator and Bot Runner (attended and unattended) license types, which enables the user to access AARI on the web.
Discovery Bot Process Discovery licenses must be purchased for use for business analysts and business users using Discovery Bot. Discovery Botsupports two licenses. The business analyst uses the process analyzer license to view and manage the metadata from all recordings within the process. The business user uses the process recorder license to view, record, and submit a process using the Discovery Bot recorder.

RBAC on License Management

Access to License Management is deny-all and allow by exception based on roles and domains as defined in RBAC. Only those users who have access to License Management permission can view the entitlement details from the Automation Anywhere Control Room.

Baseline inventory controls: Bot Creators, Bot Runners, and Bots

The Automation Anywhere Control Room manages all automation operations. Inventory controls are maintained through the application of RBAC to establish a single point of control for Base Line Configurations (NIST CM-2), access restrictions for configuration management (NIST CM-5 and 6). Automated baseline reporting can be configured.

Licensing in high availability and disaster recovery

The license information that is centrally stored in the database or license cloud, is shared within High Availability clusters and across Disaster Recovery sites because synchronous data replication is configured between multiple Control Room servers.

HA and DR deployment models
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