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Connect Bot Agent to a device with a proxy

  • Updated: 2022/02/10
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • RPA Workspace

Connect Bot Agent to a device with a proxy

When you install a Bot Agent, your device proxy settings are imported during the installation process. However, if the proxy settings are not imported during installation, you can update the proxy configuration details manually.

Typically, when you change your proxy settings, whether you added a proxy or changed the credentials to the authenticating proxy, the Bot Agent prompts for the new credentials.

You can use two methods to add or update proxy credentials manually.

  • Using PSExec -sid command.
  • Using netsh winhttp command.

You can perform these steps before or after installing the Bot Agent.


  1. Use any one of the following methods to add or update proxy credentials.
    • Using PSExec -sid command.
      1. Download PSTools.


      2. Extract the files from downloaded zip file.
      3. Open the Microsoft command prompt in administrator mode.
      4. Change to the directory where you extracted the PSTools files.
      5. Execute the following command:
        .\psexec -i -s -d cmd
      6. In the new command prompt window, execute the following command:

        The system returns the following:

        nt authority\system
      7. Execute the following command:
      8. In the Internet Properties, navigate to Connections > LAN settings.
      9. Select the Use automatic configuration script option.
      10. Provide the address to the proxy auto-configuration (PAC) file.

        For example: http://localhost:888/proxy.pac.

      11. Click OK.
    • Using netsh winhttp command.
      1. Open the Microsoft command prompt in administrator mode.
      2. List the proxy status by running the command:

        netsh winhttp show proxy

      3. If the command returns Direct access, then run the command:

        netsh winhttp import proxy source = ie

        If proxy settings are configured, the command returns the proxy server address. See following sample:
        Current WinHTTP proxy settings:
        Proxy server(s):
        Bypass List    : (none)

        You do not have to import the settings.

      Note: We recommend you import proxy settings using Bot Agent installer because of limitations to importing PAC file using the netsh winhttp import proxy source = ie command.
  2. Restart the Bot Agent service from Windows services.
  3. Open a Google Chrome browser with the Automation Anywhere extension enabled.
  4. Log out and log back in to the Control Room.
    If prompted, provide the proxy credentials.
  5. From the Control Room, check the device status and verify that it is connected.
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