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Automation 360 v.25 Community Edition Release Notes

  • Updated: 2022/06/21
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Automation 360 v.25 Community Edition Release Notes

Release date: 21 June 2022

Review what's new in the Community Edition of the Automation 360 v.25 (Build 14290) release.

Bot agent update: This release includes an optional Bot agent update. You can continue to run your existing bots without updating the Bot agent. However, if you want to use the new features in Automation 360 v.25, you must update the Bot agent available with this release.
For more information on updating to this release, see these resources:

RPA Workspace

What's new
Support to automate applications supported on Citrix Workspace app (Service Cloud case ID: 01758063)

The Citrix Workspace app is now supported on Automation 360. You can now automate applications that are accessed through the Citrix Workspace app by using the Recorder > Capture action or the Start recording option.

Install Bot agent on devices that have Enterprise 11 Enterprise Client

When you are creating a bot in Automation 360, you can now install the Bot agent on a device with an existing Enterprise 11 Enterprise Client. You can create or run bots from both the Control Room instances.

Install Bot agent and register device

IE 11 EOL notification banner displayed in Control Room

Starting from the Automation 360 v.25 release, if you use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to access the Control Room, you will be prompted to use an alternative supported browser, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chromium). When you log in to the Control Room, a notification banner is displayed indicating that support for Internet Explorer 11 is ending.

Log in to Automation Anywhere Control Room

AISense Recorder: Support for Korean language and complex table operations
  • You can now use AISense Recorder to automate applications that use Korean and a combination of Korean and English interfaces.

    AISense for recording tasks from remote applications

  • With AISense Recorder, you can now extract tabular data from complex tables. You can capture and automate tables with wider columns and tables that have columns with controls such as check boxes and options. You can also capture specific columns from tables.
    Note: If the table is not detected automatically, use the Define option to detect the table.

    Table data extraction through AISense Recorder

Enhancements to Recorder
  • When you run a bot, you can now automate objects that appear behind the bot runtime window by using the Recorder > Capture action.
  • You can now use the Recorder to capture and automate objects with a specific technology. The Capture object tab now has the option to select a specific technology and capture using that technology. You can capture objects with the following technologies:
    • Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA)
    • UI automation
    • Microsoft (MS) COM UI Automation

    Capture using specific technology

Reduce Data Loss option in PDF package

In the PDF > Extract text action, for the Structured text type field, a new Reduce Data Loss option is now available. When you use this option, you can extract the complete text with minimal overlap of characters.

Using the Extract text action

Enhancement to the String package (Service Cloud case ID: 00770822)

In the String > Extract text action, a new When extracting option is now available. You can use this option to specify whether the case of the text in the extracted substring must match that in the source string.

Using the Extract text action

Download files from URLs that require NTLM authentication (Service Cloud case ID: 01189873)

With the enhanced Browser package, you can now download files from URLs that require NTLM authentication by using the Browser > Download file action.

Enhancement to multiple attachments option in Send email action (Service Cloud case ID: 00800976, 00817136, 00821405, 00936080, 01256523, 01256320, 01262069, 01259369, 00936080, 01801928)

When you send email from bots, you can now send multiple attachments as a list of files or a variable that contains the list of file objects. With this feature, you can attach files such as data files, spreadsheets, and word processor documents to your email. You can attach multiple filepaths from a local drive or a network drive, or you can use a variable that contains a filepath.

Using the Send action

Enhancement to SOAP Web Service package

When you build a SOAP response for an Xpath expression in the SOAP Web Service package, the result of the Xpath expression can be stored as a list of strings.

Example of using the SOAP web service action

View version history of non-bot file dependencies (Service Cloud case ID: 01615105)

You can now view the version history of your non-bot file dependencies. This helps to identify relevant changes made to your file by other users during a specific date and time along with the check-in messages.