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Import learning instance

  • Updated: 2022/05/10
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrate
    • IQ Bot

Import learning instance

Import a learning instance to use the associated groups and bots in a different Automation 360 IQ Bot environment.

You can only import a learning instance into a similar or equivalent IQ Bot version. For example, you can only import an IQ Bot On-Premises (Build 9642) learning instance into an equivalent version of IQ Bot On-Premises or Cloud.


  1. Log into IQ Bot as an administrator.
  2. Click Administration > Migration.
  3. Click Upload.
  4. Select the .iqba file you want to upload from your file system.

    Exported learning instances are stored as .iqba files. Ensure you select the correct file to import your learning instances into your new IQ Bot environment.

  5. Select from the following import options:
    Import option Result
    Option 1: Append imported groups and trained bots to duplicate existing learning instances:
    Merges new document groups and bots in existing learning instances.
    Note: When you import the .iqba file using this option, a trained group in the imported file overwrites an untrained group in the destination environment.
    Option 2: Import learning instances, and ignore duplicate learning instances:

    Appends only new learning instances, where the learning instance ID in the .iqba file differs from the ID in the destination environment. If a learning instance ID in the .iqba file is the same as an ID in the destination environment, the learning instance from the file is not appended.

    Option 3: Overwrite duplicate existing learning instances with imported learning instances:

    All documents groups and bots in the existing learning instance in the destination environment are replaced with the ones from the imported file. This does not impact the dashboard metrics.

    Note: You must use this option if the learning instance in the .iqba file was edited (for example, if fields or table columns were added).
    Option 4: Remove all existing learning instances and replace with imported learning instances: Only use this option if it is okay to lose all the work done so far in an IQ Bot environment.
    Additional considerations
    • If the .iqba file contains a document group that was previously deleted from the learning instance in the destination environment and you import it using Options 1,3, or 4, IQ Bot restores the deleted version of that group.
    • Document groups in the .iqba file are imported in the same state as they were exported. For example, if you select Option 3 to overwrite a learning instance with a group in production mode with an imported learning instance that has a group in staging mode, that imported group remains in staging mode and incoming documents will not be automatically processed.
    For more information on how each option impacts the groups, see Example: Import options results.
  6. Click Open.
    After your file is uploaded, click Refresh to manually refresh the page and use the uploaded file from the list.
  7. Click the import icon next to the backup entry in the list.
    The imported learning instances are restored in the destination environment.
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