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Using IQ Bot for standard forms

  • Updated: 2022/08/17
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Using IQ Bot for standard forms

Standard forms are fixed format type documents that usually contain a large number of fields with very little or no variation in the overall layout, which can include both hand-written and digital content. IQ Bot enables you to extract data from standard forms.

Some examples of standard forms are W-4 (Employee Withholding Certificate), income tax form, sale deed and partnership agreement. You can extract data from standard forms by customizing and building a model before setting it up in IQ Bot. A machine learning model is a file that can be trained to recognize certain types of patterns from documents. You can use a sample document with a set of data to train a model to recognize patterns.

Based on the associated role or permission defined by the Control Room administrator, you can then create a learning instance using a model for extracting data from standard forms.
Note: Users must have the Standard forms pages product license to upload documents for processing. For more information, see Automation 360 licenses.
The following workflow describes the various stages and procedures for setting up data extraction from standard forms:
  1. Evaluate your use case for standard forms.

    Evaluate your use case

  2. Review the type of standard forms extraction service that fits your requirement.

    Review extraction service

  3. Review the service implementation prerequisites.

    Review implementation prerequisites

  4. Set up and configure an extraction service.

    Set up extraction service

  5. Configure IQ Bot for the selected extraction service.

    Configure IQ Bot for extraction service

  6. Build a data extraction model.

    Build extraction model

  7. Log in to IQ Bot and create a learning instance.

    Create a learning instance for standard forms

  8. Add validation rules for standard forms learning instance.

    Define validation rules for standard forms learning instance

  9. Transfer the third-party extraction models

    Transfer third-party extraction service models

  10. Move standard forms learning instance across different IQ Bot environments.

    Transfer standard forms learning instance

  11. Upload documents in IQ Bot.

    Upload documents for standard forms learning instance

  12. Validate the processed documents for standard forms learning instance.

    Use the IQ Bot Validator

  13. Download the content extracted from standard forms.

    Download extracted content

  14. Review the performance report and document processing information.

    Review the dashboard

Workflow map: Click the following schematic image to view the Standard forms workflow in an interactive visual format:
standard-forms-schematic mapIQ Bot standard forms
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