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Create a bot to test the new package

  • Updated: 8/11/2021

    Create a bot to test the new package

    Use the actions in Automation 360 to create a bot and test the new package you have added to your Control Room.


    Ensure you have the following to build the bot:

    • Access to the Control Room.
    • Credentials with AAE_Basic permission or a custom role to create bots.
    • Your workstation is a registered device in the Control Room.
    • Your package A2019FileDetails-2.0.9.jar is available in the Control Room.


    1. Log in to the Control Room.
    2. On the left pane, click Automation.
      A list of available bots and forms is displayed.
    3. Click the Create a bot icon.
    4. In the Name field, enter TestingFileSize or any other name you want.
    5. Click Create & Edit.
    6. In the Actions pane, find File Details and drag File Size into the bot flow.
      1. In the Select a File for analysis field, select Desktop file, click Browse, and select any file from your desktop.
      2. Click Create variable to create a new number variable.
      3. In Create Variable, enter nFileSize and click Create & Select.
      4. Click Apply.
    7. In the Actions pane, find the Number package and drag the To String command.
      1. In the Enter a number field, enter F2, and select nFileSize.
      2. In the Assign the output to variable field, select prompt-assignment - String from the drop-down list.
      3. Click Apply.
    8. From the Actions pane, drag Message box.
    9. In the Enter the message to display field, click F2 and select the prompt-assignment variable.
    10. Click Apply and Save.
    11. Click Run.
      The bot displays the <The value of the file size> , which is a successful build.
    If you were not able to run botyour bot, go back and modify your configuration steps in your Control Room.
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