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Historical activity

  • Updated: 2021/12/08
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace

Historical activity

You can search, edit, and deploy previously created bots.

Search parameters

Apply search parameters to find a specific bot. These parameters include:
Choose an activity status:
  • Completed
  • Failed
  • Stopped
  • Timed out
  • Unknown
  • Deploy failed
  • Pending execution
Item name
Enter the name of the item listed.
Device name
Enter the device name.
Bot name
Enter the name of the bot.
Enter the user name.
Automation priority
Select the automation that is prioritized as High, Medium, or Low.

Actions buttons

You can perform the following actions:
Export checked items to CSV
Export the data to a CSV file based on:
  • Filters
  • Selection
Refresh the contents to view the updated status.
Customize columns
Show or hide specific columns.
Attention: Multiple workload automation entries equal to the number of devices are shown on the Historical activity page, if the work items added to a queue are less than the number of devices available in a device pool. For workload automation details, refer to the View queue details page on the actual user device on which the workload automation was deployed.
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