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Stop bot migration

  • Updated: 2021/02/11
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrate
    • RPA Workspace

Stop bot migration

You can stop an in-progress bot migration if that bot migration is not progressing or is not responding.


You must have the required permissions to start bot migration.


  1. Select the active bot migration that you want to stop from the Activity > In progress page.
  2. Click the stop icon in the bot Launcher or on the In progress page.
    The system immediately terminates the bot migration. The status of the stopped bot migration is listed on the following:
    • The Activity > Historical page and marked as failed.
    • The Administration > Migrations page, where it is displayed as unsuccessful.
    • The Bot migration report tab, where the status of the bot that was being converted and the migration process that was stopped is set as unsuccessful. The status of all other bots that were not converted is set as pending.
    • The View historical activity page for the entry shows the reason for the failure.
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