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Automation 360 v.22 Community Edition Release Notes

  • Updated: 2021/09/21
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Automation 360 v.22 Community Edition Release Notes

Release date: 15 September 2021

Review the new features in the Community Edition of the Automation 360 v.22 (Build 10535) release.

RPA Workspace

What's new
Introducing Text file package

A new Text file package is now available and includes the Get text action. Use this action to extract text from files that have Japanese characters with Shift-JIS encoding and then save the content in the files to a string variable.

Text file package

Share session across bots

Share a DLL, Excel, and Terminal Emulator session across multiple bots using the Global session option. You can also share a session with specific child bots using the Variable option and share a session with only the current bot using the Local session option.

Sharing sessions across bots

Enhancement to AISense Recorder

AISense Recorder now enables automation of applications that use Russian and a combination of Russian and English interfaces.

AISense for recording tasks from remote applications

Enhancements to recorder conditions for packages
  • Use the new Object does not exist condition from the Condition list of any package to verify whether a specific object in a window exists and then execute actions based on the result.

    This condition works with SAP technology as well.

  • The existing Object condition is now renamed as Object exists.

Loop package

Enhancements to Excel advanced package
  • Open files with .xml and .txt extensions using the Open action.
  • Use the wildcard character (*) in the Open action for file names to search based on the wildcard pattern.
  • When you use the Run macro action and specify an argument that has a blank value, this blank value can now be passed to the macro.
New option in Database: Disconnect action

In the Database: Disconnect action, you can now use the Keep database schema in cache until bot finishes running option to enable the Loop action to iterate the dataset by using cached schema after disconnecting from the database.

Use regular expressions in File > Open action (Service Cloud case ID: 00737614)

Use regular expressions (regex) in the Open action of the File package to support pattern-based search.

Specify timeout for bots (Service Cloud case ID: 00667049, 00690892, 00699158, 00706491, 00739420, 00739415, 00741590, 00769795)

You can now specify the amount of time by which the execution of a bot must be completed. The system stops the bot execution if it is not completed within the time you specified.

Configure timeout for bot execution

New Exchange version supported in Email package

In the Email package, when you choose an EWS server to establish a connection, you can now use the Exchange2013 option in the Exchange Version field.

New actions in Window package
  • Use the Close all action to close all windows or programs running on the system, except the windows added in the Add window field.
  • Use the Restore action to restore the size of a maximized or a minimized window or application running on the system.

Window package

New option to search text within bot content in Bot editor (Service Cloud case ID: 00735685, 00736201, 00739122, 00740481, 00733885, 00748970, 00746459, 00738181,00756441,00759037,00761453,00764478)

In the Bot editor, use the search box in the Flow, List, or Dual view to search for text, variables, or actions in the entire bot content such as package name, action name, string name, or variable name. This feature helps you to view or edit a bot with long code lines to determine where the searched text, such as variables, strings, or actions, is used and in which line.