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Create a learning instance for standard forms

  • Updated: 2022/07/12
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Create a learning instance for standard forms

Learning instance is used in IQ Bot to extract, train, validate content from standard forms. Use the following instructions to create a learning instance for processing standard forms in IQ Bot

Using IQ Bot extraction service

Ensure that you have access to an active IQ Bot environment so that you can create a learning instance.

See Create a learning instance.

Using Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer service

  1. From the Document type drop-down menu select Standard Forms.
  2. In the Standard form settings tab, from the Provider name drop-down menu, select a provider for processing the form.
  3. From the Configuration type drop-down menu, select the supported configuration.

    This enables you to connect to one of the provider services configured during installation.

  4. From the Select Model drop-down menu, select a pre-trained model for the selected configuration.
  5. Click Browse to upload a reference document.
    For example, if you have selected the configuration type and model as invoice, you can upload an invoice file that must be analyzed.
    Note: The reference document is only a representation of the document type you want to extract data from.
  6. From the Fields to extract tab, select the fields from where the values must be extracted.

    The fields are displayed based on the selected Form set in the pre-trained model, and no additional fields can be added.

  7. Click Create instance and analyze. The system analyzes and sorts the document into logical group.
    Note: Only one default group is created. The system-identified region (SIR) are not visible and all the training related fields are greyed out. As the standard forms learning instance contains pre-trained model, no additional training of the group is available. You can only add validation patterns and custom logic.

    After you have created a learning instance, you must add a group specific to standard forms.

  8. On the Learning Instance details page, click Add group.
  9. Create group label as <Standard Forms layout name>.

    For example, if you have W-4 documents for the year 2021, enter W4_2021.

  10. Click Save.
  11. Open the system generated group
  12. Click Delete Bot.

    System generated group is removed from the Learning instance details page

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