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Use ABBYY FineReader Engine OCR engine in IQ Bot

  • Updated: 2022/08/22
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • IQ Bot

Use ABBYY FineReader Engine OCR engine in IQ Bot

IQ Bot supports ABBYY FineReader Engine version 12.2, 12.3, and 12.4.

When installing IQ Bot, the system automatically installs an ABBYY FineReader Engine open run-time license on your server.

Note: If you have completed the steps to upgrade IQ Bot, you must update the folder path to the AbbyyOCREngineSettings.json configuration file.

Use the following steps to manually install ABBYY FineReader Engine:


  1. Download the OCR plug-in with IQ Bot.
  2. Unzip the OCR plug-in folder in your downloads folder, and place that unzipped folder, at <IQ Bot Installation Path>\Automation 360 IQ Bot\.
  3. Ensure the folder says <IQ Bot Installation Path>\Automation 360 IQ Bot\OCR Plugins\ABBYY SDK\12\FineReader Engine. . ., and the unzipping does not create OCR Plugins\OCR Plugins twice. After you unzip the downloaded file, make sure to keep the folder name as OCR Plugins, and remove the version number. For example: If the unzipped folder name is OCR Plugins 12.4, remove the version number (12.4) from the end of the folder name.
  4. To use ABBYY FineReader Engine with IQ Bot you have the following options:
    Set ABBYY FineReader Engine as your default OCR engine Configure the Settings.txt file.

    Follow steps 5 and 6 to configure the Settings.txt file.

    Restriction: Configuring the settings.txt file is not applicable to Automation 360 IQ Bot Cloud
    Select ABBYY FineReader Engine OCR engine from the UI To select from the UI, see Select an OCR engine.
  5. Restriction: Configuring the settings.txt file is not applicable to Automation 360 IQ Bot Cloud.

    In Automation 360 IQ Bot Cloud, you can use the appConfigurations API to read and update the OCR settings.

    For help with using the API, contact the Support team. Open a support case (A-People login required)

    To set ABBYY FineReader Engine as your default OCR engine, from the C:\Program Files (x86)\Automation 360 IQ Bot <version>\Configurations folder, open the Settings.txt file, change OCREngine=Tesseract4 to OCREngine=Abbyy, and save the file.
    Trouble: Troubleshoot classification issue in processing Chinese language documents:

    All files are getting unclassified while processing Chinese language documents (A-People login required)

  6. Next, run the stopanduninstallallservices.bat file at C:\Program Files (x86)\Automation 360 IQ Bot\Configurations.
    Remember: After stopping the services, run installandstartallservices.bat file to install and start the services.
  7. Create learning instances in IQ Bot, and use ABBYY FineReader Engine for the text segmentation and OCR engine for these learning instances. At the same time, for these learning instances you still partner with the IQ Bot capabilities on document classification, auto-mapped fields, cognitive extraction, and field value autocorrection.
    Note: If you install IQ Bot in a different folder besides C:\Program Files (x86)\Automation 360 IQ Bot <version>, find and open the Configurations > ABBYYOCREngineSettings.json folder, and update the embedded EnginePath and LicensePath to match the different folder.
    For example:
      "UseOpenRuntimeLicense": true,
      "EnginePath": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Automation 360 IQ Bot\\OCR Plugins\\ABBYY SDK\\12\\FineReader Engine\\Bin",
      "DeveloperSN": "",
      "ProjectId": "",
      "LicensePath": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Automation 360 IQ Bot\\Configurations\\Runtime.ABBYY.LocalLicense",
      "LicensePassword": ""
    Note: Sometimes, documents can fail to classify with ABBYY FineReader Engine as your default OCR engine. See recommended workaround for this issue.

    Document uploads are moving to unclassified state while using Abbyy OCR engine (A-People login required)

  8. The following table lists the various ABBYY FineReader Engine versions that are supported and compatible with IQ Bot:
    Table 1. Version compatibility matrix of ABBYY FineReader Engine and IQ Bot
    ABBYY FineReader Engine version IQ Bot version
    12.2 (A2019.12) and below
    12.2 and 12.3 (A2019.13) to (A2019.16)
    12.2, 12.3, and 12.4 (A2019.17) and later
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