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Set user device credentials

  • Updated: 2021/10/19
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • RPA Workspace

Set user device credentials

To enable a device for running bots, set the local device credentials.


The Bot agent is a lightweight application that enables you to run bots on your device by connecting the device to the Control Room. To run bots on a local machine, install the Bot agent and add the local device to the list of enabled host devices. Add the local device before editing the credentials. See Install Bot agent and register device.

For Community Edition users, your profile contains only one set of credentials at a time. These credentials are applied to any device you select to run your bots. Ensure each device that you use accepts the credentials in your profile.

Automation 360 Cloud users have the option to apply different credentials to registered devices.


  1. In the Control Room panel, click your user name and select My settings.
  2. In My Settings page, navigate to Devices > Credentials section to update the Username and Password for the device.
    Device login credentials are required to run a bot from this device.
    Note: Automation 360 does not validate the device login credentials until you run a bot.

    If your username is part of a domain, include the domain within the format domain\username. Typically, home users are not part of a domain, unless they are specifically configured.

  3. Save the changes.

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