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Stop and start Control Room services on Linux

  • Updated: 2021/10/05
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace

Stop and start Control Room services on Linux

Review the instructions and service names to stop and restart Automation Anywhere Control Room services on Linux.


Log in to your Automation Anywhere Control Room server.


  1. If you just finished installing A2019, use the following command to display the status of all Control Room services:

    sudo systemctl status control*

    Browse through the output. If any of the services are not actively running, you can manually start the service with the following command (see the next step for specific service names):

    sudo systemctl start <servicename>

    Note: If more than one service is not running, you can use the script in the next step to start all the services.

    For other Linux installation issues, contact Automation Anywhere support: Open a support case (A-People login required).

  2. Optional: Create a script from the following code, such as, to start all the Control Room services.
    This sample script lists the Control Room services that need to be restarted. You can restart the services in any sequence.
    The sleep commands allow each service to complete startup before the next service is started.
    Note: controlroomdiscoverybot.service is only installed by default starting in Automation 360 version 16.
    echo Starting elastisearch
    sudo systemctl start controlroomelasticsearch.service
    sleep 30
    echo Starting botcompiler
    sudo systemctl start controlroombotcompiler.service
    sleep 30
    echo Starting control room caching
    sudo systemctl start controlroomcaching.service
    sleep 30
    echo Starting backend service
    sudo systemctl start controlroombackend.service
    sleep 30
    echo Starting reverse proxy
    sudo systemctl start controlroomreverseproxy.service
    sleep 30
    echo Starting messaging
    sudo systemctl start controlroommessaging.service
    sleep 30
    echo Starting iq bot
    sudo systemctl start controlroomiqbot.service
    sleep 30
    echo Starting discovery bot
    sudo systemctl start controlroomdiscoverybot.service
    sleep 30
    echo Starting aari
    sudo systemctl start controlroomaari.service
    sleep 30
    echo Starting storage
    sudo systemctl start controlroomstorage.service
    sleep 30
    echo Starting ml services
    sudo systemctl start controlroomdiscoverybotml.service
    sleep 30
    Assign execute permission to the script and run it: sudo ./
  3. To stop a single service, use the following command: sudo systemctl stop <servicename>.
    Optional: To stop all services for maintenance or other requirements, create a script, such as, to stop the Control Room services.
    sudo systemctl stop controlroommessaging.service
    sudo systemctl stop controlroomreverseproxy.service
    sudo systemctl stop controlroombackend.service
    sudo systemctl stop controlroomcaching.service
    sudo systemctl stop controlroombotcompiler.service
    sudo systemctl stop controlroomelasticsearch.service
    sudo systemctl stop controlroomiqbot.service
    sudo systemctl stop controlroomdiscoverybot.service
    sudo systemctl stop controlroomaari.service
    sudo systemctl stop controlroomstorage.service
    sudo systemctl stop controlroomdiscoverybotml.service
    Assign execute permissions to the script and run it: sudo ./
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