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Building reusable bots

  • Updated: 2021/06/07
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • RPA Workspace

Building reusable bots

Review the guidelines to gain a better understanding of how to develop bots or subtasks for reusability, from designing and creating through reusing.

Define prerequisites, input, output, and variables
When you build bots for reusability, define the following:
  • Document all necessary prerequisites on how to use your bot either on its own or as a subtask.
  • When creating your bots, define values as input, output, or local. Input and output variables are used when your bot is designed to be used as a subtask, allowing it to receive and pass back values to or from another calling bot.
  • Provide meaningful variable descriptions when defining input and output variables so that other developers know how to interact with your subtask.
  • Adhere to an established standard for variable naming guidelines. Review the Automation Anywhere user-defined variables for variable naming guidelines.