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Enterprise A2019 (Build 543) Release Notes

  • Updated: 2021/01/25
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Enterprise A2019 (Build 543) Release Notes

These release notes describe new features, changed features, fixed features, security fixes, deprecated features, and known limitations in Enterprise A2019 (Build 543).

To verify which Bot Agent version is compatible with this release, see Compatibility with Automation 360 builds.

New features in A2019 Build 543

Feature Description
Next generation bot workbench Create bots from any device, from anywhere through a web browser. The intuitive new design for applying multiple personas with varying bot building skills and a redesigned work area for simple assembly and deployment. These include:
  • A universal recorder to simplify capturing processes
  • List and Flow views for TaskBot creation
  • Powerful bot code management capabilities
  • Rich variable passing with no cross-language mapping required
Bot Runner Access and run bots from the cloud. When bots are deployed to Bot Runners, any dependent actions are also deployed. When updates to Actions are available, the updates are also automatically pushed.
Package manager The package manager centralizes control over bundled actions to enable users to deploy and upgrade only those targeted actions being used.
Advanced variable types Access expanded variables and array types for enhanced action implementation, including DateTime, numbers, list, Boolean, dictionary, multi-dimension arrays for reading Microsoft Excel documents, and file data column for .CSV files.
Inline scripting Native support for Python and VBScript inline scripting languages enables simple data passing between scripts and bots.
New UX The new user experience provides assistance for users who are getting started and includes step-by-step guidance for common tasks.
Excel automation Configure Microsoft Excel TaskBot automation without installing Microsoft Office on the Bot Runner machine.
Recording of automation Record automation, even from a remote device.
IQ Bot Enterprise A2019 will fully support IQ Bot, the only AI-driven solution for users to automate processing of complex documents.
Bot Insight The Analyze package provides the following functions to enable business analytics in the Bot Insight dashboard:
  • Analyze Open
  • Analyze Close
Table 1. Supported packages in Build 543
Package Version
Node Manager 1.0.1221
Application 1.0.0-20190919.040305-1231
Boolean 1.0.0-20190919.040305-1435
Browser 1.0.0-20190919.040305-1287
Clipboard 1.1.0-20190919.040305-1492
Comment 1.0.0-20190919.040305-633
CSV/TXT 1.2.0-20190919.040305-1349
Database 1.1.0-20190919.040305-1287
DateTime 1.0.0-20190919.040305-1189
Delay 1.1.0-20190919.040305-1492
Dictionary 1.0.0-20190919.040305-1337
DLL 1.0.0-20190920.070246-677
Email 1.0.0-20190919.040305
Error Handler 1.0.0-20190919.040305-1333
Excel 1.1.0-20190921.042722-1353