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Migrate Community Edition bots

  • Updated: 2021/12/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrate
    • RPA Workspace

Migrate Community Edition bots

Bots created in the Enterprise 11 Community Edition environment must be migrated to the Automation 360 Community Edition to allow users to use these bots in Automation 360. You use the Bot Migration package available in the Automation 360 Community Edition to manually migrate the bots.


Before you start migrating bots, do the following:

This procedure migrates one bot at a time. To migrate all bots within the same folder, you can create a complex bot by iterating files in a folder in a loop or add multiple Migrate bot actions for each .atmx file you want to migrate.

Important: If a bot has dependencies on other bots, you must migrate the dependent bots first and then the parent bot. For example, the main.atmx parent bot has a dependency on child1.atmx, which also has a dependency to child2.atmx, then add the Migrate bot actions in the following order: child2.atmx, followed by{{child1.atmx}} and then {{main.atmx}}.


  1. Log in to Automation 360 Community Edition.
  2. Use the Bot Migration package to migrate your bots.
    1. Click Automation on the left pane.
    2. Click Create New > Bot, specify the required details, and click Create & edit.
    3. Expand the Bot Migration package and double-click the Migrate bot action.
    4. Select Desktop file within the Bot file path section.
    5. Enter the complete path of the Enterprise 11 .atmx file you want to migrate.
    6. Optional: Enter the output folder path into the Output folder path field to specify where you want package conversion information and errors to be stored.
      A report showing relevant information is generated for each migrated bot.
    7. Leave the Overwrite the file if exists option selected (default setting) if you want this migrated bot to overwrite any bots of the same name in the Automation 360 Community Edition environment.
    8. Save the bot.
    9. Run the bot on the connected device to perform the migration.
    Successfully migrated bots are uploaded to the Automation 360 private repository of the user who performed the migration. Only successfully migrated bots are migrated. Use the reports in the specified Output folder path to see the migration errors.
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