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Assign scheduler user to process in the web interface

  • Updated: 10/19/2021

    Assign scheduler user to process in the web interface

    Assign a scheduler user to AARI processes to run the processes in the web interface.


    Ensure that you have created the scheduler user and the device pool.


    1. Log in to the web interface as an AARI administrator.
      Alternatively, you can navigate to the web interface through the Control Room by clicking the settings page link in the Manage > Device pools screen. This will automatically navigate you to the AARI web interface screen, with you logged in as an AARI administrator.
    2. Select a scheduler user by choosing one of the following options:
      The AARI process uses the device pool and unattended Bot Runners configured with this user for each bot deployment.

      By default, Global scheduler is selected if you have not set a Scheduler for any process.

      Scheduler TypeSteps
      Global scheduler
      1. Navigate to the Process Setup page.
      2. In the Global scheduler field, click Edit.
      3. Click Refresh the scheduler list.
      4. From the drop-down menu, select the available scheduler user.
      5. Click Save.
      Scheduler (per-process scheduler)
      1. Navigate to Manage > Process setup.
      2. Select the process to configure the scheduler user.
      3. In the Edit Process page, from the drop-down menu in the Scheduler field, select the scheduler user.
      4. Click Save.
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