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Automation 360 IQ Bot version compatibility

  • Updated: 2022/09/21
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Learn

Automation 360 IQ Bot version compatibility

Review the version compatibility information before you upgrade from an earlier version of Automation 360 IQ Bot to the latest Automation 360 IQ Bot version, or from earlier versions of IQ Bot to Automation 360 IQ Bot.

Compatibility with Automation 360 Control Room

Automation 360 IQ Bot On-Premises version compatibility with Automation 360 Control Room:

Important: The following table lists the latest build of each Control Room release that is compatible with the IQ Bot build. Note that, IQ Bot is compatible with all Automation 360 builds in a release. For example, Automation 360 v.21, IQ Bot build 9642 is compatible with Control Room build 9664 and builds released after that such as 9595, and 9642 for the same release version. We recommend that you update to the latest Control Room build for the latest fixes.
IQ Bot On-Premises Control Room
Build 15112 Build 15112 (Automation 360 v.25)
Build 13343 Build 13343 (Automation 360 v.24R2)
Build 12350 Build 12350 (Automation 360 v.24)
Build 11513 Build 11513 (Automation 360 v.23)
Build 10520 Build 10526 (Automation 360 v.22)
Build 9642 Build 9664 (Automation 360 v.21)
Build 8815 Build 8815 (A2019.20)
Build 8098 Build 8147 (A2019.19)
Build 7554 Build 7560 (A2019.18)
Build 7082 Build 7103 (A2019.17)
Build 6443 Build 6463 (A2019.16)
Build 5931 Build 5933 (A2019.15)
Build 5322 Build 5322 (A2019.14)
Build 4695 Build 4705 (A2019.13)
Build 4088 Build 4105 (A2019.12)
Build 3337 Build 3337 (A2019.11)
Build 2545 Build 2545 (A2019.10)
Build 2079 Build 2079
Build 1610 Build 1610
Build 1089 Build 1089
Build 550 Build 550

Automation 360 IQ Bot Cloud version compatibility with Automation 360 Control Room:

IQ Bot Cloud Control Room
Build 14288 Build 14298 (Automation 360 v.25)
Build 12342 Build 12342 (Automation 360 v.24)

Migration compatibility with earlier IQ Bot versions

Review the following version compatibility table to understand the available upgrade options for Automation 360 IQ Bot:
IQ Bot version Automation 360 IQ Bot (On-Premises)
Version 11.3.5.x Yes
Version 11.3.4.x Yes
To migrate to Automation 360 IQ Bot On-Premises from a version earlier than 11.3.4.x, first upgrade to IQ Bot Version 11.3.4.x or later.

Migrate to Automation 360 IQ Bot

Importing learning instances between different IQ Bot versions is not supported. If you want to retain the associated data for a learning instance, ensure you update or migrate to the correct IQ Bot version before importing the corresponding learning instance. For example, if you export a learning instance in IQ Bot On-Premises (Build 8815), you can only import it within an equivalent IQ Bot On-Premises or Cloud build.

Migrate learning instances

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