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Add queue, Bot Runner, and device pool

  • Updated: 2022/03/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace

Add queue, Bot Runner, and device pool

Add a queue, Bot Runner, and device pool to the automation from the Run bot with queue page.


Ensure that you are logged in to the Control Room as the administrator.

Automation processes are queued until the specified Run as user and devices become available. Queuing permits other automation processes for that specific Run as user until the specified device becomes available.​ Any In use queues are shown as disabled in the Available queues list.

You can deploy the automation on the number of users that you choose with the Run as option and not on the total number of devices available in a device pool. Select only those queues that are not in use.
Note: You cannot use multiple queues to add Bot Runners.


  1. Select a Queue from the Queues list.
    The queues for which you have consumer access and same work item template as the selected bot are listed.
  2. Click Next.
  3. In the Run as tab, from the Available bot runners list, select a Bot Runner.
    1. Optional: Select the Run on bot running devices option.
      If you want to select Bot Runners that are mapped one-on-one to their default (single-user) devices, select the Run on bot running devices option. This option enables the Work Items to be deployed only to the user's default device, whereby the security policy does not allow a user to log in to any other device or when applications for automation are installed on the default device.

      If you select this option, ensure that all the default devices are part of the same device pool when you select from the Device Pool tab in Step 5.

      Tip: Do not select this option if the run as users (Bot Runners) are configured to use multiple devices. In that configuration, if any device in the pool is processing an automation, the run as user can log in to another device, and the work items will be processed on that device. This enables optimal utilization of licenses (run as user) and devices.

      For information on scenarios for choosing bot running devices for run as users, see Considerations for running a bot.

  4. Click Next.
  5. In the Device pool tab, select a Device Pool from the Available device pools list.
  6. Click Add.
    The queue and device pool are added to the run bot with the queue list.
  7. Optional: Click Remove to replace the queue or the device.
  8. Click Run bot with queue.
    The queue status changes to In use on the Queues page.
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