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Community Edition A2019.18 Release Notes

  • Updated: 2021/01/13
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Community Edition A2019.18 Release Notes

Release date: 05 January 2021

Review the new features and supported packages in the Community Edition A2019.18 release (Build 7560).

Community Edition A2019

Bot agent update: This release includes a required update to your Bot agent. Ensure that you complete the update to continue with your automation activities when upgrading from a previous release to this release.

Automatically update the Bot agent | Manually update the Bot agent

Build 7560 (Community Edition) is compatible with Bot agent 16.19.8232.

New features
Configure timeout in Bot Migration package

When migrating bots, you can now set a timeout value in the range of 3 through 90 minutes (default value is 90 minutes). If the migration of any specific bot is not completed within the set time, a timeout message is displayed and the migration process moves to the next bot.

Use regular expressions in variables (Service Cloud case ID: 00628227)

Use regular expressions (regex) in value type variables to specify the entity on which you want to perform an operation. For example, actions in the File, Folder, String, and Window packages allow use of regular expression in variables.

When Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 bots with commands that use regular expressions in variables are migrated, if their equivalent actions in Enterprise A2019 do not support regular expressions, the regular expression is converted to string in the migrated bots.

Recorder enhancements
  • Use the AISense Recorder Define option to record an interaction, such as click active text, with an object that is only visible when you hover the mouse over the object.
  • If you record a click and keystrokes in a text box with a Control Type of PASSWORD_TEXT, the Recorder does not capture the keystrokes entered into the field. Instead, the action selects the Set text option and offers users the option to select a credential from the Credential Vault, enter a credential variable, or enter an insecure string.
Efficiently map input and output variables between parent and child bots (Service Cloud case ID: 00537090, 00698697)

For input variables, use the Quick map option to select the variables and set the values for the parent bot to pass. For output variables, use the Multiple variables tab to associate each dictionary key with a variable. This feature eliminates the need to use actions to extract the output dictionary values.

Task Bot package | Using the Run action

Support for PowerBuilder application in App Integration package (Service Cloud case ID: 00680703)

The App Integration package now supports PowerBuilder to capture and extract text from a window application. The Capture text of window action enables you to open a PowerBuilder screen to capture all the data and verify the captured text.

New action in Terminal Emulator package

Use the Search Field action in the Terminal Emulator package to search for a field based on the text it contains. This action returns the name or index of the field based on the option selected.

Terminal Emulator package

New action in PDF package

Use the Get Property action in the PDF package to retrieve the properties of a PDF file and assigns the properties to a dictionary variable.

Using the Get property action

New actions in Browser package

Use the following actions in the Browser package:

  • Close: Closes a Google Chrome browser window or tab.
  • Get source code: Retrieves the source code of a web page and saves it to a string variable.
  • Go back: Returns to a web page that you previously visited in the current tab.
  • Open: Opens the browser to a specific web page in an existing tab, new tab, or window.
  • Run JavaScript: Executes JavaScript in a web page.

Browser package

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