Watching pages

By watching a page, you opt-in to personalized communications informing you when that particular content is updated or removed from the site.


Since the content subscription feature is available only to the logged-in users, you must be logged into the Documentation portal to watch pages.

Begin or stop watching content from a page. By doing so, you will be informed if one of the following events occur.
  • An update is made to the page that you are watching (the page will have an updated time stamp).
  • The page is deleted from the site.
For logged-in users, personalized digest emails are sent indicating these changes for pages or subjects you watch:


  1. To watch a page click Watch
    Follow page
    The button changes to the Watch option which indicates that the page is watched.
  2. To stop watching content, from the page, click Unwatch.

Next steps

Once you are watching a page, it is listed under MY CONTENT > Following, which you can access from the navigation menu.

Following Subjects

To begin following a subject go to MY CONTENT > Following. At the bottom of the page you will see the product search facets available. To follow a subject simply hover over the row and select the Follow button when it appears. Make sure you have Enable notification selected to receive emails.